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Mere Talks Won't Get You Anywhere

Jun 11, 2004
Aasaa, First Mehl:
The created being acts as he is made to act; what can be said to him, O Siblings of Destiny?
Whatever the Lord is to do, He is doing; what cleverness could be used to affect Him? ||1||
The Order of Your Will is so sweet, O Lord; this is pleasing to You.
O Nanak, he alone is honored with greatness, who is absorbed in the True Name. ||1||Pause||
The deeds are done according to pre-ordained destiny; no one can turn back this Order.
As it is written, so it comes to pass; no one can erase it. ||2||
He who talks on and on in the Lord's Court is known as a joker.
He is not successful in the game of chess, and his chessmen do not reach their goal. ||3||
By himself, no one is literate, learned or wise; no one is ignorant or evil.
When, as a slave, one praises the Lord, only then is he known as a human being. ||4||2||36||

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