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Controversial Member Flays SGPC On Publication Of Book

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Member flays SGPC on publication of book

Mon, Nov 15 03:50 PM

Chandigarh, Nov 15 (PTI) A day ahead of the general house of Sikh religious body SGPC, a member today slammed the organisation for publication of a book allegedly containing defamatory comments about Sikh Gurus. Seeking resignation from SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar, Hardeep Singh told reporters here that "Makkar should bring an apology resolution in the tomorrow''s general house of the SGPC." He said the "baseless and intentionally incorporated" defamatory comments about Sikh Gurus in the SGPC publication must be rejected, condemned and termed as ''anti-Sikh''.

" The SGPC member also sought a white paper from the SGPC on how such a publication came into existence under the seal of the religious body of Sikhs and who is the writer of the book. Besides, the SGPC must explain who were the office bearers and employees who gave permission to publish the literature, he added.

Singh, who claimed to rake up the issue during tomorrow''s general house of SGPC at Amritsar, said the act had lowered the esteem of the Sikh community. The book ''Sikh History'' published in Hindi under the seal of SGPC had extreme derogatory language and highly abusive comments against Sikh Gurus, he claimed.

source: http://in.news.yahoo.com/20/20101115/1416/tnl-member-flays-sgpc-on-publication-of.html

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