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Medical Advice?


Dec 19, 2011
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Medical Advice

First I would like to apologize because it seems as though I only visit this forum when I am in need of something, so sorry sangat ji. Now, to address my dilemma.
I am seventeen years old, and I've missed my menstruation cycle. To give you perspective, my last one was in December. My menstruation cycles don't usually come on their calculated dates however its been three months since the last one so I'm worried I've got an ovarian cyst. I know that the majority of the ovarian cysts are benign, but I also know that the cysts form in ovarian cancer situations. I went to a walking clinic last month and the physician said I was just stressed and tried to prescribe me something but I didn't end up getting it just because I only take medication if extremely necessary.

I'm most likely going to see a doctor tomorrow and am gonna ask for an ultrasound, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I deceived myself into thinking it was stress too. Just for the record, I'm not sexually active.

I read somewhere overexposure to radiation can also cause this, and I got a netbook(small laptop) in December and I'm on it pretty much all day, which I also think is quite suspect.

It's pretty late but I haven;t done Raihras yet, I might as well get on it.

Thanks for reading,
Hope I can actually provide something of use for someone else on this forum in the future.

Rab Rakha,
Sukrit Kaur


Dec 19, 2011
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I don't want to get ahead of myself here but it may be possible I have this form of functional cyst:

Hemorrhagic cyst
: This type of functional cyst occurs when bleeding occurs within a cyst. Symptoms such as abdominal pain on one side of the body may be present with this type of cyst.

I have the symptom stated....


Dec 3, 2011
Sukritkaur ji

I'm sorry to read about your medical concern.
First things first, from what you say, you need to go for a scan and then a referral to a gynecologist would be the appropriate route.
I would actually request a referral before the scan from your doctor, that way you won't be waiting until after the results.
There could be many different reasons for your condition. It's important you inform them of all other symptoms and other conditions, even if you think they may not be related.
ie... other symptoms such as increase in acne, perspiration, urinary function, bowel function, headaches, visual impairment etc..etc...
They should ask for all these prior to a confirmed diagnosis.
Firstly, irregular, heavy,very light or painful bleeding needs to noted by them.

Like I say, it can be many things from endometriomas to ovarian cysts. But, you should not worry or be trying to diagnose yourself from internet sources or other.
I find that many people get easily mislead by these and cause themselves unnecessary worry.
Only rely on a personal consultation with an appropriate health professional.
Go see your doctor and request the scan.

Good Luck
Lucky Singh


Jun 12, 2011
Dear Sukrit ji, please try not to assume the worst. Very rarely do our worst fears come true. Just do what you said, go get looked at by a good doctor, and then you can figure out what to do. I'm sorry I can't give you more advice, but I hope you will feel better soon.
Mar 26, 2012
West Virginia
All of the above advice is well given indeed correct. A person can cause themselves all manner of stress and fears by utilizing self diagnosis via the Internet - I have seen this happen, and find it to be true. And stress can cause an amazing number of symptoms that you wouldn't even consider to be related - you may not have deceived yourself at all. And the doctor that you mentioned earlier, however brief your conversation may have been, mentioned stress also.

I see in your post that you are seventeen years of age. I am not at all familiar with medical protocol in Canada, but I've found that in my country (US), that parental consent normally has to obtained for someone your age. I have seen exceptions to this only in the cases of emergency room admissions, and the rare case when the child has obtained obtained legal emancipation through a court of law. That said, I would think that your path towards treatment would involve:

  1. Your parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
  2. Your primary health care provider / family physician
  3. Gynecologist or other specialist as referred
I wish you all the best, a positive medical diagnosis, and a long and happy walk on The Path. Diyelasi Tali

Sian Haller

Dec 5, 2011
Essex, UK
Sukrit Bhenji

Please try not to worry, it is easier said than done, but only a doctor can make a good judgement as to what is wrong with you, not the internet.

You must get this ultrasound done asap so that you can put your mind at rest, the stress you clearly show is not helping your health in any way at all.

Try and stay calm and once you have established the truth of the situation, you can deal with it a lot better, but to self diagnose is only going to muddy the waters.

I hope you have a scan appt sorted out so that you can move on from what is clearly a very stressful situation.

Take caremundahug

Scarlet Pimpernel

We seek him here,we sikh
May 31, 2011
In the Self
I am seventeen years old, and I've missed my menstruation cycle.
I thought I was on Sick Problems Network for a minute,what can I say ,I hate to make things worse but I guess you could be pregnant ,only joking by the way.

Youth is wasted on the young.



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