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Mathematical Quiz ? What Is Sikh Philosophy

Sikh philosphy the numerical question

  • Sikh way is a constant.

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  • Sikh way is a variable.

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  • Sikh way is a complex number.

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  • Sikh way is a combination of all above.

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Dec 8, 2005
Dear Brother/ Sister:)


I have a question ,

Is Sikh philosophy

1) A constant
2) A variable
3) A complex number with its imaginary component.
4) A equation of constant, variable and complex number all combined.

A quiz for all my mathematical brother and sisters


hps62:cool: :wah:
Dec 8, 2005
Dear brother


I have a point.

most fundamental equation which reflects the universe we inhabit say like :

1 ) Einstein equation :- E = m c2
Where M and E are variable c is a constant

2 ) Plancks Law :- E = h x frequency
Where E and frequency are variable and h is a constant.

3 ) Schrondiers equation also harbours a imaginary number beside a constant and variable.

So my logic is that if some fundamental truth has all the component .

Then why should sikhphilosophy not be a combination of all the 4 above mentioned variables to be in tune with mother universe.

I guess the Sikh philosophy could add probably spirituality as another new number in these fundamental equations.

I know of no such number which reflects a spiritual quotient , unless one says that imaginary number harbours the spiritual number in it .

I guess a invention of a new number system system reflecting spirituality could be a exciting pursuit for the spiritually inclined mathematician brother /sister.

what do you mathematician out there say !:cool:


hps62:) :D :wah:


May 28, 2006
There is only one constant. One entity. One God.

It is within this one entity that all exist, dreaming their non-existent individuality and discretion from the rest of the Universe.

As animals, we all crave purpose. It is an inherent illusion, built in to our system that enables out to carry out basic survival processes. It is the running of these processes that assists in creating that delusion of individual purpose.

And we need this, as biological machines, to function till death.

However, the grander truth of the matter is that we are all united in one Ultimate Purpose that no-one can know, no-one can see, and no-one can ever understand. That's because this purpose was never conceived to be understood by a human mind. Indeed, it is those very egoistic projections that "there must be a purpose!" that is perhaps the key limiting factor to our comprehension.

The fact is that there is no purpose. No goal. No Ultimate Resolution.

The Universe exists as a self-perpetuating mass, undying, self-existent. Like the mool mantra says.

But our emotions of good, evil, love and hate - all extrapolations of our inherent programming to simply survive - lead us to project those same human fallicies upon the greater Universe around us. It is why we have uilt stone statues of 'Gods', and why we refer to God as a 'He' instead of an 'It'. It is also why we spend hours on forums asking people what they think God's function in the Universe is and which religion 'has it right', if any. It is our own natures that limit us.

Someone once asked Stanley Kubrick if he felt the Universe was benevolent or evil. His response was that "the Universe is neither benevolent nor evil - it is merely indifferent".
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