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    General Sikh History Quiz Site Launched

    Hi everyone, I've made this website for learning some Sikh history trivia. The questions were created for use at the Sterling Heights Gurdwara (MI) Punjabi class. Here is the link: http://michigangurudwara.com/sikhhistoryquestions/ All the code is posted on Github here...
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    Sikhism Quizzes Update

    Test your knowledge on sikh history and religion by taking these interesting Quiz sessions. To take a quiz right now click here Have a nice time exploring your general knowledge on Sikhism. More quizzes will be added soon. Important: Please report any errors or emissions while taking these...
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    Mathematical Quiz ? What Is Sikh Philosophy

    Dear Brother/ Sister:) SSAKAL I have a question , Is Sikh philosophy 1) A constant 2) A variable 3) A complex number with its imaginary component. 4) A equation of constant, variable and complex number all combined. A quiz for all my mathematical brother and sisters luv...
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    Sikh News Quiz Contest On Sikh Gurus

    Quiz contest on Sikh GurusExpress News ServiceChandigarh, September 18: MORE than 240 students of Saint Soldier International School, Sector 28, participated in a quiz competition based on the Sikh Gurus, organised by Pratibimb, a social organisation, here today. However, most of the students...