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India Massive Fundraising Campaign In West By Sikh Separatists To Revive Terrorism In Punjab

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Massive fundraising campaign in west by Sikh separatists to revive terrorism in Punjab

PTI - Oct 7, 2012, 07.48PM IST

NEW DELHI: An extensive fundraising campaign is being undertaken by secessionist Sikh groups in Europe and North America at the instance of Pakistan's ISI to revive terrorism in Punjab.

Sources in security agencies have informed about movement of banned Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and Khalistan Commando Force (KCF) terror groups in western countries with the aim to radicalise Sikh youth by showing them doctored footage of Operation Bluestar and other propaganda materials.

The attack on Lt Gen (retd) KS Brar who led Operation Blue Star and disruption of Indian Independence Day celebrations in London this year too were the results of such activities of anti-India elements, the sources said.

They said overground workers of these terror groups were targeting Sikh youths born and brought up in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium.

Besides BKI and KCF, radical groups like Dal Khalsa and International Sikh Youth Federation were also working to radicalise the youth and made their members, they alleged.

The sources said in the name of fighting the cause of Khalistan, funds are being raised from Sikhs settled there and the next generation youths are being lured into the ideology of the extremist groups.

The most worrying part is whenever any anti-India meeting or protest demonstration is organised like the anniversary of Operation Bluestar on June 6, there have been significant presence of Pakistani origin people who actively participate and share thoughts of Khalistan ideology.

Besides, there are more than 50 social networking groups and over 20 websites which propagate independent Khalistan and openly encouraging revival of the movement.

"These are disturbing developments. We want foreign governments to curb these anti-India elements.

"But unfortunately, due to the liberal policies of these countries, no significant step has been taken so far against these groups," a source said.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...-terrorism-in-Punjab/articleshow/16712775.cms


Mar 30, 2011
This is just propaganda - one sided - one view... But facts are opposite.. but minorites are never hard.. doesnt matter where you are. It is just the way they are treated.. some are granted more than others.. and in western countries there is granted more than in indian ..
Jul 18, 2007
This is the start of the "capilisation" of the Brar attack, India's corrupt governments time to shine to hight light any threats they have from Sikh's demanding a separate homeland or demanding human rights for their numerous violations in India.
May 24, 2008
This is called crying over spilt milk . The Congress party after failing to win Punjab elections has resorted to low strategies like :
1. The row over Bluestar Memorial fear over revival of (sham) terrorism .
2. The orchestrated Brar attack ( if it was indeed by Sikhs ) or maybe it was a Godsend opportunity ( if any naive Sikhs carried it out ) . Too good an opportunity to be missed . The Congress party led by Captain Amarinder Singh jumped at this incident giving it full publicity supported by MEA looked after by Praneet Kaur . Sikhs are once again branded terrorists , Captain Amarinder Singh a born again Giani Zail Singh , had Captain mended his ways like indulging in too much booze & waking up late in the morning he would have been at the CMs chair . But despite all his genius & brilliance his lifestyle has let him down in Jan,2012 elections . Now he should rethink his strategy & not try to bet on losing horses like Khalistan , Dal Khalsa , Simranjeet Singh Mann etc etc . The Punjab public is being furthur alienated by his actions , people can see both sides of the curtain now no more fooling around .


Nov 3, 2012
Their gig is up. People are finding out what's going on. Yet there are many who don't know the truth. The only truth to them is the propaganda spewed through their media mouthpieces such as doordarshan. Things are very different now. The world will be closely watching the moves the Indian government makes. The Sikh diaspora needs to change their direction to pro-India and focus on working with other states and other leaders to unite and rid India of it's infestation of corruption and tainted leaders. History has been documented and as a newer generation we need to act accordingly.



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