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Marriage And Caste. Advice Please

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Seeker3k ji,

Guru Fateh.

You write:

I am sorry that I disagree with man here. It is my thought only what I am about to write.

Who is man in your post? If it is me, then please have some basic decency to address me as such. Thanks.

Nanak did not start langar it was the Amardas who started it. One should do the research before saying that I am wrong.

Please share your research with us and stop prejudging others what they are going to say. It shows the sign of ire which no human needs for him/herself sake.

If one is thinking about when Nanak's father gave him 20 rupies to do business. That is total wrong and lie. There is no reference any where that this has happened.The currency as rupie was not in circulation at the time of Nanak.

It is funny to notice that you keep on prejudging others. If you do not believe in the above Saakhi, it is fine. Let's stick to Gurbani and share your views about any Shabad that interests you.

Yes Nanak talked against cast system. Talking is one thing doing take guts. No guru took action against cast system as Guru Gobind Singh did. His action was practical. But we disobey every thing Guru said. We are into ritualistic things.

And you opinion is based on what research? Please share that with us also.

Every one knows what happen at the engagement of Guru Arjan Dev at his son Hargobind. Now days every one knows Jathedar Bibi Jageer Kaur. She had her daughter killed for marring the poor guy. She is still MLA of Punjab.
Cast system is only in Hinduism and Sikhism. No other religion have this system.

Irrelevant to my post to which you are responding to.

As for they system or reborn in Jews as claimed, When 5 pyare give AMRIT to person they say from now on you are born again now your father is Guru Gobind Singh. It is same thing as reborn. Keep the topic in Sikhism. Only he should criticize who have not broken any Sikh rules.

You are mixing apples with oranges sans coherence. Sadly, it is the choice one makes. Research what reborn in Christianity means as you are good at it.

I think I should change my name to trouble-maker.

Your choice but how about "In need of attitude change"?

Just a suggestion!!


Tejwant Singh


Mar 13, 2013
Few days back i tried persuading one of my relative to look out for a girl out of the caste too for suitable marriage.
I tried telling him many benefits of it too and told you shouldn't be bothering much ,but all fell to deaf hears.
Being youngest among people there ,my advice was neglected and was told you don't know how the society works.
i felt agitated and thought yeah people might be saying that yes we should follow guru's advice and all castes are alike but when it comes to applying we give priority to society more than the teachings of the guru granth sahib.

later on he gave me many explanations that if he'' ll get married in his caste only then there would be atleast few people to take responsibilities for future problems and so many other things and feared what people might say.
"people will say that there mustbe wrong in me thats why i couldnt got a girl in my caste
People of that castes are such and so and so and many useless things."
i don't know in what fears we are living in.
The fear of society is more than anything.It is af if we are marrying the the society too.
I tried again to convince him but all again went vain so i quietly came from the place

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