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Leisure Man Marries Dog


Apr 4, 2005
Indian man marries dog - Telegraph
man marries dog
By Peter Foster
Last Updated: 2:48am GMT 15/11/2007

An Indian man who believed he had been cursed for stoning to death two dogs has atoned for his sin by marrying another dog in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony.
How about that: More bizarre news stories from around the world

P. Selvakumar, a 33-year-old farm labourer from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, married the four-year-old stray {censored} after it was bathed and processed to his village temple dressed in an orange sari and garlanded with flowers.
Friends and relations attend P. Selvakumar's wedding to a dog

The marriage took place on the advice of the man's astrologer who said it was the only way to atone for his actions of more than 20 years ago.

He was reported to have suffered a series of physical ailments after stoning the dogs to death and hanging their bodies from a tree.

“After that my legs and hands got paralysed and I lost hearing in one ear,” said Mr Selvakumar after the ceremony with his new "bride", whose name is Selvi.

A reception attended by some 200 guests was held for the newlyweds in the groom's house during which Selvi grew restless and ran away.

However she was subsequently recaptured and returned to her husband who gave her milk and a bun to eat.

It is understood that the groom is still free to find a human wife should he be inclined.

Mr Selvakumar is not the first man to have hit the headlines for having romantic relations with animals.

Last year a Sudanese man was forced to marry a goat after village elders discovered him having sex with her. The goat died shortly afterwards.


Apr 4, 2005
didn't Ashwaria Rai have to marry a Banana tree or something last year?

hindus are funny. :rofl!!:
Yes aishwarya rai married a peepal and a banana tree before her marriiage to abhishek bachchan.she has manglik dosh in her horoscope.It means that she has effect of mars which means her marriage could end up in divorce or abhishek' death.

So Aishwarya and abhishek wanted to take a chance i don't think so.


Mar 13, 2006
London Uk
Yes....But marrying a DOG?!?!?!?! :eek::crazy::shutup::shock:

Out of all the possibilities...again...a DOG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:eek::crazy::shutup::shock:

<<<<<<<< Edited by begum>>>>>>>>>>>

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