Makkar On Bed, Panthic Bodies Suspend Their Programme To Gherao Him On Jan 12


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Makkar on bed, Panthic bodies suspend their programme to gherao him on Jan 12

Punjab Newsline Network
Friday, 08 January 2010

LUDHIANA: On learning that the SGPC chief has been advised by the doctors for complete bed rest, several Panthic bodies had suspended their dharna outside his residence scheduled for Jan 12 to register their protest against mixing of Nanakshahi calendar with Bikrami calendar.

Dal Khalsa, SAD (Panch Pardani), Shiromani Panthic Council, Shiromani Khalsa Panchayat, Sikh students Federation, Akal Fderation and Sikh Youth of Punjab today resolved to hold a Panthic Convention on Jan 17 at Ludhiana on the issue of Nanakshahi calendar.

In a statement Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh, SAD (Panch Pardani) leader Harpal Singh Cheema, Panthic Council chairman Manjit Singh Calcutta, Narien Singh of Akal Federation and Rajinder Singh of Khalsa Panchayat said the programme to hold a dharna outside the residence of SGPC chief has been put off due to Makkar’s ill health.

However, we reiterate our opposition against the original Nanakshahi calendar adopted in 2003, said they. “Our protest will continue and we will
not rest in peace till the arbitrary decision of the SGPC is not revoked”.

They opined that the changes had vertically divided the community –those who are in favour of the original calendar and those who have prevailed upon the SGPC and the SAD leadership to tamper with it. They said the SGPC and the Sant Samaj has gone against the wishes and aspirations of the community while bringing the radical changes in the calendar unilaterally.

Accepting the challenge posed by the SAD that runs the SGPC, they resolved to take the issue of Nanakshahi Calendar to the general masses.

Taking exception on the issue of SGPC not listening to the voices of those who were opposed to the changes, they said the present incumbent has undermined the status and significance of the institution by toeing dictates of his political masters blindly.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
so sorry !!
I just hope this is not the usual politician trick...scream "heart Attack" and retreat..wiat for things to cool down/people to forget...??? The 1984 genocidal murderer KLBhagat used to get such an Heart Attack every time his court hearing came up...he finally REALLY DIED and escaped punishment...IN Malaysia too such corrupt politicians normally get "Chest Pains" every time they are to be prosecuted/court hearing....and then the hearing is postponed..and they emerge from hopsital healthy enough until the enxt hearing date approaches...then they get chest pains again...