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Gurus Make This Body The Field. Let Your Mind Be The Farmer !

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 23

    isrIrwgu mhlw 1 Gru 3 ]
    iehu qnu DrqI bIju krmw kro sill Awpwau swirMgpwxI ]
    mnu ikrswxu hir irdY jMmwie lY ieau pwvis pdu inrbwxI ]1]
    kwhy grbis mUVy mwieAw ]
    ipq suqo sgl kwlqR mwqw qyry hoih n AMiq sKwieAw ] rhwau ]
    ibKY ibkwr dust ikrKw kry ien qij AwqmY hoie iDAweI ]
    jpu qpu sMjmu hoih jb rwKy kmlu ibgsY mDu AwsRmweI ]2]
    bIs spqwhro bwsro sMgRhY qIin KoVw inq kwlu swrY ]
    ds ATwr mY AprMpro cInY khY nwnku iev eyku qwrY ]3]26]

    sireeraag mehalaa 1 ghar 3 ||
    eihu than dhharathee beej karamaa karo salil aapaao saari(n)gapaanee ||
    man kirasaan har ridhai ja(n)maae lai eio paavas padh nirabaanee ||1||
    kaahae garabas moorrae maaeiaa ||
    pith sutho sagal kaalathr maathaa thaerae hohi n a(n)th sakhaaeiaa || rehaao ||
    bikhai bikaar dhusatt kirakhaa karae ein thaj aathamai hoe dhhiaaee ||
    jap thap sa(n)jam hohi jab raakhae kamal bigasai madhh aasramaaee ||2||
    bees sapathaaharo baasaro sa(n)grehai theen khorraa nith kaal saarai ||
    dhas at(h)aar mai apara(n)paro cheenai kehai naanak eiv eaek thaarai ||3||26||

    Siree Raag, First Mehla, Third House:
    Make this body the field, and plant the seed of good actions. Water it with the Name of the Lord, who holds all the world in His Hands.
    Let your mind be the farmer; the Lord shall sprout in your heart, and you shall attain the state of Nirvaanaa. ||1||
    You fool! Why are you so proud of Maya?
    Father, children, spouse, mother and all relatives-they shall not be your helpers in the end. ||Pause||
    So weed out evil, wickedness and corruption; leave these behind, and let your soul meditate on God.
    When chanting, austere meditation and self-discipline become your protectors, then the lotus blossoms forth, and the honey trickles out. ||2||
    Bring the twenty-seven elements of the body under your control, and throughout the three stages of life, remember death.
    See the Infinite Lord in the ten directions, and in all the variety of nature. Says Nanak, in this way, the One Lord shall carry you across. ||3||26||


    A rQ:- hy mUrK! mwieAw dw ikauN mwx krdw hYN? ipqw, pu`qr, iesqRI, mW—ieh swry AMq vyly qyry shweI nhIN bx skdy [rhwau[

    (hy BweI!) ies srIr nUµ DrqI bxw, Awpxy (rozwnw) krmW ƒ bIj bxw, prmwqmw dy nwm dy pwxI dw (ies BuieN) ivc isMcn kr [ Awpxy mn nUµ ikswn bxw, prmwqmw dw nwm Awpxy ihrdy ivc augw [ ies qrHW (hy BweI!) auh Awqmk AvsQw hwsl kr leyNgw ijQy koeI vwSnw poh nhIN skdI [1[

    jyhVw mnu`K cMdry ivSy-ivkwrW nUµ ihrdw-BuieN ivcoN ieauN pu`t dyNdw hY ijvyN KyqI ivcoN ndIn, iehnW ivkwrW dw iqAwg kr ky jo mnu`K Awpxy AMdr iek-ic`q ho ky pRBU nUµ ismrdw hY, jdoN jp qp qy sMjm (aus dy Awqmk jIvn dy) rwKy bxdy hn, qW aus dw ihrdw-kOl iKV pYNdw hY, aus dy AMdr Awqmk Awnµd dw rs (mwnoN) isMmdw hY [2[

    hy nwnk! jy mnu`K sqweI hI nC`qRW ivc (Bwv) hr roz (pRBU dw nwm-Dn) iek`Tw krdw rhy, jy mnu`K AwpxI aumr dIAW iqMnW hI AvsQw (bwlpn, juAwnI, buFypy) ivc mOq nUµ cyqy r`Ky, jy cwr vydW Cy SwsqRW Aqy ATwrW purwx (Awidk swrIAW Drm-pusqkW) ivc prmwqmw (dy nwm) nUµ hI Kojy qW ies qrHW prmwqmw aus nUµ (sMswr-smuMdr qoN) pwr lµGw lYNdw hY [3[26[



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