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Make The Effort

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by AmbarDhara, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. AmbarDhara

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    Nanak Bani Nirankaar Paarbrahm Parmesar


    ANG 48

    sireeraag mehlaa 5
    Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl

    udam kar har jaapnaa vadbhaagee Dhan khaat.
    Make the effort, and chant the Lord's Name. O very fortunate ones, earn this wealth.

    satsang har simranaa mal janam janam kee kaat. ||1||
    In the Society of the Saints, meditate in remembrance on the Lord, and wash off the filth of countless incarnations. ||1||

    man mayray raam naam jap jaap.
    O my mind, chant and meditate on the Name of the Lord.

    man ichhay fal bhunch too sabh chookai sog santaap. rahaa-o.
    Enjoy the fruits of your mind's desires; all suffering and sorrow shall depart. ||Pause||

    jis kaaran tan Dhaari-aa so parabh dithaa naal.
    For His sake, you assumed this body; see God always with you.

    jal thal mahee-al poori-aa parabh aapnee nadar nihaal. ||2||
    God is pervading the water, the land and the sky; He sees all with His Glance of Grace. ||2||

    man tan nirmal ho-i-aa laagee saach pareet.
    The mind and body become spotlessly pure, enshrining love for the True Lord.

    charan bhajay paarbarahm kay sabh jap tap tin hee keet. ||3||
    One who dwells upon the Feet of the Supreme Lord God has truly performed all meditations and austerities. ||3||

    ratan javayhar maanikaa amrit har kaa naa-o.
    The Ambrosial Name of the Lord is a Gem, a Jewel, a Pearl.

    sookh sahj aanand ras jan naanak har gun gaa-o. ||4||17||87||
    The essence of intuitive peace and bliss is obtained, O servant Nanak, by singing the Glories of God. ||4||17||87||

    charan kamal parabh kay nit Dhi-aava-o

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