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Make A Change In Others Lives!

Mar 5, 2010
New York City
Hi, My name is Ramandeep Kaur Khalsa.
Everyday there is a will inside of me to do something to help Sikhs and others connect to God.
Everyday I find myself thinking about what is it that I can do to give people back their true identity.
Everyday I struggle with myself about thinking of steps I should take.
I have discussions with others online and even in person but at the end there is no change.
Why is it that people simply have let go of their identity and do nothing to get it back?
Why is it that we all know God exist and yet we do not believe?
If you want to help others understand the purpose of life,
If you want to solve problems that we all face everyday,
If you want to share your knowledge with other,
Then step forward and don’t just have discussions but take Actions.
I want people who feel similarity to me, to help me make a change!!!

You can visit my blog at, Gursikhkaur.blogspot.com to learn more on my viewpoint.
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