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Look / Speak / Listening To Gurbani / Nitnem


Dec 17, 2007
Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||

Several questions arise when it comes to Gurbani / Nitnem !

Recently Akasha Ji started a thread Reading / Listening to Gurbani ! after reading through different responses to her thread I am starting my first thread here and would like response from SPN'rs who regularly do Nitnem and read Gurbani ?

When I was taught Gurbani reading ( Santhiya ) - I was told to look / speak / listen to the Gurbani words at the same time.

Now we all know there are no hard and fast rules and every person is devising his / her own methods. I am not saying what is right or wrong? Every person starting Sikh Way of Life goes through this. I would like to hear fellow Gurmukh's perception on this topic.

Please try not to go off topic !

Harjot Singh
Aug 29, 2010
Harjot Singh ji,

I agree to the sequence and this is the way one may gradually
start understanding the meanings of gurbanee messages.

But for starting understanding of Gurbanee messages from where and how to get start
is always missing from our considerations.

I think it is very important to know for any one what should be the correct starting reference for understanding of Gurbanee..Surprisingly no one is clearly telling about this.

Once the starting reference point for start of understanding of Gurbanee is clear I feel most of differences in our views would vanish and there can be more uniform and unified
interpretation of Gurbanee messages by any one.

These are some my personal views.



Dec 4, 2011
Harjot Singh ji,
It's a very thoughtful and important question you ask.

However, there is a fantastic thread started by our veer Bhagatji, some while ago called ''shallow readings and meditation'', which I often find myself referring back to.

I recommend you have a read through that and you may still continue your thread here where members may discuss and explain their own experiences and methods.

It would be interesting to see how different approaches can affect us all on how we get the ''Anand'' of gurbani.

Lucky Singh

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