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Living 'Satigurus' Like Narinder Singh Garewal Ji

Jul 30, 2004

Well as per Gurmat being a Sikh from Guru Panth we ourself enjoy the status fo Guru.

Satiguru can be noone but Akal as truely Akal is true(Sat) and Guru(remover of Darkness).

So what to do with mushrooming satgurus ?

Das is intersted to know the views of Singh Sahib Bhai Balbeer Singh Ji.

Das asks him by will of Akal,to know the truth as per him.

Be Kind to das and guide him on this issue.

Can there be any Satiguru other then Akal?


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Vijaydeep Ji,

I agree with you, there is no living 'Satguru'. Those who claim to be so are doing for their selfish interest. The best for us is to ignore them and work for spreading the awareness about Sikh religion within the Panth. If the Panth is strong from within nothing can hurt it.

If such dummies are mushrooming it indicates that the Panth is sick. Such selfstyled 'Satgurus' are only a symptom.

Just see the nature, no insect attacks the unripe mango; all the attacks start when it is about to ripen or is ripe. Here you see, it is the internal condition of the mango which is deciding and which is the sause for what happens to it, not the external conditions. Taking the clue from this happening in nature, I am saying that we should work to make the Panth internally strong and when the vulnerabilities are dissolved, no one can hurt. This so called selfstyled 'Satgurus' will have no use for any one and so naturally will not arise.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh


Nov 10, 2004
United Kingdom
Akaal is the only True Destroyer of Darkness...i pay no heed to living 'gurus'.....
but i do know there are some ver 'high' saints.....and that saint will not call himslef a guru

Sri Akaal Sahai
Dec 8, 2005
Narinder Singh Garewal Ji

It is important to use the correct word rather than living Satgurus.
Christian Religion gave the word of God thru Lord Jesus Christ.

However several subsequent Christian philosopher motivated by the teaching of Lord Jesus made it grow into the great western civilization we see today.

Persons like Narinder Singh Garewal Ji are Sikh philosphers who are shaping up the sikh religion in a more contemporary form for 2006.

Sikhs have to adapt to new regions they go to. It will always be a growth thru fusion. It cannot and should not be like the sword of Islam.

I had discussed this concept under Mathematical quiz ? What is sikh philosophy . Here I say that Sikh philosophy is like an fundamental equation which is a truth by the fact that its followers are found in all part of the globe .

Bhai Balbeer Singh Ji are like a variable in Sikh philosophy equation. The equation will be truth only if it has all the components viz variable , constant , imaginary and probably also spirituality as its component.

May a million such Sikh philosopher shine so as to take sikh religion to its prinstine glory and be a Jewel in crown of Homo Sapiens.



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