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  1. spnadmin

    UK Narinder Kaur Fronts Anti-forced Marriage Campaign

    Big Brother star Narinder Kaur fronts anti forced marriage campaign BIG Brother star Narinder Kaur is to front a national campaign to halt forced marriages. The outspoken Geordie Sikh, who won fame in series two of the TV reality show, will be the first face of Say No To Fear – a...
  2. BhagatSingh

    General Narinder Singh - Comedian!

    Another WOW from me! :happykaur::happysingh: BTW here's his website: Home YouTube - Sikh Stand-Up Comic YouTube - Sikh Comic "The O word" YouTube - Sikh Comic at Gotham Comedy NY YouTube - the tempest ACI
  3. Admin

    Narinder Singh Kapany, Dr

    Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany, The father of Fiber Optics Narinder Singh Kapany, Punjabi: ਨਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ is widely acknowledged as the father of optical fiber.[1][2] [3][4] Narinder Singh Kapany was born in Moga and is of Punjabi Sikh origin, he was educated in England and has spent over 45 years...
  4. V

    Living 'Satigurus' Like Narinder Singh Garewal Ji

    Gurfateh Well as per Gurmat being a Sikh from Guru Panth we ourself enjoy the status fo Guru. Satiguru can be noone but Akal as truely Akal is true(Sat) and Guru(remover of Darkness). So what to do with mushrooming satgurus ? Das is intersted to know the views of Singh Sahib Bhai Balbeer...
  5. N

    Narinder Grewal - Who Is He?

    June 26, 2003: Toronto He is not a Sikh - by his own statement in front on the Panj Payaras. On June 14, the Toronto area sangat jam-packed Mississauga's Ontario Khalsa Darbar, also known as Dixie Road Gurdwara, to hear what Narinder Grewal had to say about charges of his anti-Sikh...