Life's Teachers

Life's teachers

Do you remember ever having a really great teacher in school -- someone who inspired you to learn and to do your best? If so, you'll probably recall that he or she challenged you to a much greater degree than most of your other teachers. At the time, the extra challenge may have seemed unfair, or even cruel. Yet looking back on it, you realize that it was not cruel at all, but rather was a true expression of respect for, and confidence in, your ability to learn and grow.

Life outside of school has its great teachers, too. And the best ones often seem unfair, unkind and even brutal. Those teachers include disappointment, sorrow, confusion, loneliness, and frustration. They are all painful and yet some of our greatest learning and growth can come from them. They challenge us and compel us to reach higher. They help to reveal our true character, and by so doing build that character to be even stronger.

Amidst despair, take heart. A loving, caring teacher is even now working to bring out the best in you. Though it is impossible to fully appreciate now, the day will come when you surely will. So take this and every opportunity to learn and grow.

-- Ralph Marston

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