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Controversial Lies By Spokesman

Jul 30, 2004

It is desrialbe to visit to get the phone number of Gyani Gurbachan Singh Ji, Jahtedar/MukhSevadar of Akal Takhat Sahib.
Spokesman for lies.

On the day 28th June 2009, there was an article from Mr Joginder Singh, in his tabloid Raozana Spokesman. On page 6. There he wrote a long paragraph where he tried to give an impression that Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib, Gyani Gurbachan Singh Ji are trying to coax him to rejoin the Panth.

On this das had a talk with Jathedar Sahib himself(During the night of 29th June 2009). As per Jathedar Sahib Ji, it was Mr Joginder Singh Ji, who sent his wife to Jathedar for reconciliation on which Jathedar Sahib has clearly told him to follow the proper procedure as it is done at Akal Takhat Sahib Ji.

If das is told that sopokesman is not here to respond, the person who says that should take this message of das to spokesman and let them respond. In past many letters to them are not responded by them. Further to it, on forums there has been Sant Bashing, AKJ Bashin, SGPC bashing, Patna Sahib Bashing while they are not here to respond. There were in past some article brought in here and comments were made for Pandit Hardayal perhaps from the site Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji, were called only by das when his work was found on forum and at that time there was no provision was made to bring in Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji from on the case of articles like “Kirpan Da Amrit”.


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