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  1. G

    Alcoholism & Lies

    Hello What I am about to say will hurt many so I apologise in advance. You may curse me and insult as you wish, but please give me advice of how to move forwards. I will try to explain in a nutshell to get to the point and will answer any questions that arise. Many years ago, I gained bad...
  2. Harry Haller

    Truths Or Misconceptions About Sikhi?

    Gurfatehji, Having now found a path to the creator, and whilst attempting to sort out the chaff from the wheat, I am coming across many many opinions and beliefs that I now find myself at odds with, especially with older members of my family. A list of the points that I am told I should be...
  3. spnadmin

    USA Cultural Awareness Overcomes Lies And Misperceptions

    June 2, 2011 Many Americans adopted false impressions of Muslims after the September 11 terrorist attacks, said Muhammad Ali-Salaam, the former deputy director of special projects for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, who converted to Islam in 1975. Speaking at the Arab, Muslim and Sikh...
  4. Vikram singh

    India Hindutva Terror Lies And Deception

    The violent world of bloodthirsty terrorists and their equally bloodthirsty, covert pursuers can always be built on a body of lies and deception. For couple of years now, we find with unerring regularity that earlier police investigations showing the hand of Islamic militants in the blasts in...
  5. K

    A Pakistani Sikh Exposing Lies Of Baahmanvaadi Media

    Baahmanvaadi media is trying it's best unsucessfuly to bring Sikhs and Muslims at each other's throats through lies. Here Dr Swaran Singh of Pakistan is exposing their lies: YouTube- Sikhs in Pakistan
  6. V

    Controversial Lies By Spokesman

    Gurfateh It is desrialbe to visit sgpc.net to get the phone number of Gyani Gurbachan Singh Ji, Jahtedar/MukhSevadar of Akal Takhat Sahib. Spokesman for lies. On the day 28th June 2009, there was an article from Mr Joginder Singh, in his tabloid Raozana Spokesman. On page 6. There he...
  7. Admin

    Sikhism If You Don't Know Me By Now: A Memoir Of Love, Secrets And Lies In Wolverhampton

    Buy This Book at SPN Store : Book Review : If You Don't Know Me by Now: A Memoir of Love, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton. Description Beneath the surface of his glamorous London life - of fast cars, celebrities and high-flying journalism - Sathnam Sanghera has a past which quietly beggars...
  8. S

    Jason Burke: The Violence That Lies In Every Ideology (Guardian Unlimited)

    Jason Burke: Like most beliefs, Islam is a religion of peace that has to accept that it can also breed terror. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Hinduism/SIG=12srgkg50/*http%3A//www.guardian.co.uk/attackonlondon/comment/story/0,16141,1530283,00.html?gusrc=rss