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General Lessons On God From Oh My God!


Aug 18, 2010
World citizen!
A recent Hindi Movie Oh My God! tries to get people thinking about the basics of religion and the hold of fake God-men on our psyche. These lessons were given to Sikhs over 500 years ago by our revolutionary Gurus!! However, I thought I would share.

* Fake & wasteful rituals which harm the living
* Religion has become a business with a huge turnover and no tax
* Rather than connecting with God's teachings, we try to go to intermediaries then wonder where its all going wrong
* Humans are flawed so putting too much faith in a living God-man will lead you astray
* God created the world, and humans. God showed us the way but it is humans who insist on going wrong
* The folly of being God fearing when we should be God loving

My apologies that I couldn't find videos with English subtitles. Here are a few clips

What one should learn from OMG (Oh My God) Part-2 Kanji Bhai Interview - YouTube

Oh My God!-First court scene-Accepting the case on GOD - YouTube

OMG Oh My God best speech - YouTube
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