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Lessons From God - Our Soul, Re-incarnation- What Could Happen When We Die? What Is Attachment & Det

Jan 18, 2012
london uk
In prayers we are speaking to God!
In Samadahi/meditation we allow God to speak to us.
When we practice Samadhi/meditation and contemplate on God
in the depth of silence we hear the Voice of God!

LESSONS FROM GOD- The Soul, Death, & Attachment & Detachment- Nov 2008

.Satnaam Waheguru Sat Naam Waheguru

My close friend, a fellow Pilot died in Oct 2008, I noticed that his soul a month later was still hanging around Biggin Hill Airport.
This was not right, we did some prayers and asked God to allow his soul to be taken to Heaven!
Baba Nanak appeared and spoke, "George is not yet ready to ascend, when he is ready God will intervene and take him to Heaven."
I replied, "Why not Babaji, he was one of the nicest man, he did much charity work & was full of love Why did you leave him as a lost soul?".
Babaji then waved his hand and a dimension opened up and this scene was played to us :
We saw George's soul leaving his body and ascending
up the Astral plane with 2 beautiful angels in white.

The Angels unfolded their wings and said, "George we have been assigned to take you to your next abode, you have passed over (died) - you have left your mortal body".
We saw George looking at the angels and we were also shown his energy attachments to all his possessions, his cars, aircraft, wife & Family. He replied "Who are you, I do not know why you have come for me - I have not passed over Go Away!"
From the earth plane suddenly came this huge cry, from his family, his possessions, his aircraft, his cars, Don't leave us George!"
George said to the Angels, "How can I leave my family, my wife is waiting for me to look after her, I am booked to fly my aircraft, I have to police the streets of Croydon, polish my cars, etc . Go away can't you see I am busy go away."
The Divine Angels tried twice more, then we saw them crestfallen, sad they folded their wings and spoke" We have to go and see the other souls, maybe we will have better luck with the next one, Today has not been good, only a few souls have ascended. Most of them have been so entrenched in their material possessions, they fail to realize they have died, their eyes do not even recognize us!"
The scene faded and we were back in Biggin Hill.
I asked Babaji " George was a good man, religious, he was promised that if he chose his religion, at death he would automatically go to heaven, why has this not happened ?"
Babaji spoke " Amarjit, Its not automatic that one ascends to the correct astral Plane, The Angels are there to take you, however one has Free will & Attachments & Temptation, which pull you back to the lower planes. Which is why, you must practice Attachment and Detachment. Do not be too attached to your material life and possessions, so when your time to Passover comes you fail to recognize this.
George does not realize he has died, his spirit/soul is in Limbo, he has become a Lost Soul. As a Discarnate spirit he has limitless energy, he can affect his family and still try to control them...especially when realization comes to him that he is not being noticed, in extreme cases the spirit becomes angry & a poltergeist.
This is one of the main problem on the earth plane at the Moment. Too many spirits and ghosts inhabiting in people
This is why the scriptures say , "Practice Attachment & Detachment" otherwise we may fail to see the angels coming to take us!
Satnaam Waheguru


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