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Learn Our True Identities From Sikhism And Gurbani


Jun 1, 2004
It is the Art of Ascendancy that always helps us to transcend our self to the metaphysical world, the ideal world, which we happen to know as the schizoid world, as Sir William James and other philosophers in natural philosophy and psychologists in humanistic psychology express.

The Divine Message for each month is bestowed in the treasure of Gurbani, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the Ever-Living Guru (the Lord) in the form of collection of the Divine Teachings from various religions, sects and isms in India and other parts of the world. All of these express, guide and teach about the Art of Ascendancy.

These Divine Messages are for what is known as Sangrand (in Punjabi and Sankranti in Hindi), the Native or Desi month; it is when the Sun transits from one zodiac sign to the next. These describe the special way to progress and develop the Art of Ascendancy for each month.

The ragas are the classical compositions of music in India. Both Shri Guru Nanak and Shri Guru Arjan in Tukhari and Manjh Raga, bestow these Divine Messages respectively. You see, the word Waheguru is simply saying Praise the Lord Thy God, no matter what one religion or ism one follows. Just by seeking, His Grace is to walk on it and obeying His Will is an art of walking and thus ascending.

We may have many doubts making us suspicious about each other, though all have great mystic assets and treasures.

These doubts are created by ignorance, the very force of ego, and can be cleared by those, who are the selfless ones, the saints and the holy ones obeying Gurbani by remembering Him while serving Creation. Here the "holy one" means all those, who have learnt the art of transcendentalism and have thus ascended to the level of higher level of living.

Giving direction to one’s knowledge in the light of Wisdom of Gurbani brings clarity of thought, the mystic touch. Knowledge without direction is mere information, having no metaphorical joy but with direction, it is wisdom. This direction is the direction of the way as the ascending one, not the descending.

To practice any art just for a day does not produce perfection; rather it is giving a touch of months and years to the days.

The students of Metaphysics understand that the metaphor of the day of universe has the millions of the years in which we have spent a fraction, while we transcend by following the theory of relativity and returning to earth or the physical level, the body as a vehicle or an instrument.
We all understand this concept of the transcendental self, we are the living vehicles or the instruments that both play and run the cosmic play, the drama. It is popularly known as Leela in Sanskrit, Hindi and Punjabi languages-the same meaning, feelings, experiences and thus self and spiritual development without the barriers of languages and cultures. It is thus a lesson of our intercultural learning of interfaith-uniting for peace and one world.

Thanks for your reading it!

Dr. Harmander Singh
Counselor, Writer, Life Coach
Patiala, Punjab


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Aman ji - So beautiful an article. Let's start right now:

[FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono] HUKAMNAMA FOR [FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono] THE MONTH OF CHAYT[/FONT][/FONT]​
[FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono]cyiq dy mhIny dw hukmnwmw [/FONT]​
[FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono][SIZE=-1] [Thursday, 1 Katak (Samvat 541 Nanakshahi) AT 05:15 HOURS Indian Standard Time][/SIZE][/FONT]​

bwrh mwhw mWJ mhlw 5 Gru 4
<> siqgur pRswid ]
kiqik krm kmwvxy dosu n kwhU jogu ] prmysr qy BuilAW ivAwpin sBy rog ] vymuK hoey rwm qy lgin jnm ivjog ] iKn mih kauVy hoie gey ijqVy mwieAw Bog ] ivc n koeI kir skY iks QY rovih roj ] kIqw ikCU n hoveI iliKAw Duir sMjog ] vfBwgI myrw pRB imlY qW auqrih siB ibEg ] nwnk kau pRB rwiK lyih myry swihb bMdI moc]kiqk hovY swDsMgu ibnsih sBy soc ]9]
vIrvwr, 1 k`qk, (sMmq 541 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 135)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
bwrh mwhw mWJ mhlw 5 Gru 4
<> siqgur pRswid ]
k`qk dI suhwvxI ru`q ivc BI jy pRBU-pqI nwloN ivCoVw irhw qW ieh Awpxy kIqy krmW dw is`tw hY; iksy hor dy m~Qy koeI doS nhIN lwieAw jw skdw[ prmySr dI Xwd qoN KMuiJAW dunIAW dy swry du~K-klyS zor pw lYNdy hn[ ijnHW ny ies jnm ivc prmwqmw dI Xwd v~loN mUMh moVI r~iKAw; auhnW nUM iPr lMmy ivCoVy pY jWdy hn[ jyhVIAW mwieAw dIAW mOjW dI Kwqr pRBU nUM Bulw id~qw sI, auh BI iek pl ivc duKdweI ho jWdIAW hn, aus duKI hwlq ivc iksy pws BI in~q roxy dw koeI lwB nhIN huMdw, ikauNik du~K qW hY ivCoVy dy kwrn, qy ivCoVy nUM dUr krn leI koeI ivcolw-pn nhIN kr skdw[ duKI jIv dI AwpxI koeI pyS nhIN jWdI, ipCly kIqy krmW Anuswr DuroN hI ilKy lyKW dI ibD Aw bxdI hY[ hW! jy cMgy BwgW nUM pRBU Awp Aw imly, qW ivCoVy qoN pYdw hoey swry du~K imt jWdy hn[ nwnk! dI qW iehI bynqI hY - hy mwieAw dy bMDnW qoN Cufwaux vwly myry mwlk! nwnk nUM mwieAw dy moh qoN bcw lY[ k~qk dI suAwdlI ru~q ivc ijMnHW nUM swD sMgiq iml jwey, auhnW dy ivCoVy vwly swry icMqw-Jory mu~k jWdy hn[9[

English Translation :
In the month of Katak, do good deeds. Do not try to blame anyone else. Forgetting the Transcendent Lord, all sorts of illnesses are contracted. Those who turn their backs on the Lord shall be separated from Him and consigned to reincarnation, over and over again. In an instant, all of Maya’s sensual pleasures turn bitter. No one can then serve as your intermediary. Unto whom can we turn and cry? By one’s own actions, nothing can be done; destiny was pre-determined from the very beginning. By great good fortune, I meet my God, and then all pain of separation departs. Please protect Nanak, God; O my Lord and Master, please release me from bondage. In Katak, in the Company of the Holy, all anxiety vanishes. || 9 ||
Thursday, 1 Katak (Samvat 541 Nanakshahi) (Page:135)

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