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Knife Detectors At Stations: UK Sikhs Fear Bias

Expressing fear of discrimination, the UK Sikhs feel that the introduction of knife detectors at train stations in England may infringe on Kirpanwearers’ rights. Highlighting their concern, the representatives of the community last week wrote to the police authorities concerned, urging them to take adequate measures to ensure that the Sikhs are not harassed.
A copy of the letter with TOI, issued by Jaspreet Kaur, legal officer of International human and civil rights advocacy (ICHRA) of United Sikhs, says that knife detectors which have been used in London, Birmingham and Liverpool train stations since February under Operation Shield, would eventually be used at all stations across the United Kingdom.
While the Sikh community recognised and supported the campaign to promote and establish a safe society, they want the authorities to treat Kirpan-wearers fairly and respectfully, the letter adds. In UK, Sikhs have a legal right to wear the Kirpan (one of their five articles of faith), by key legislation such as Section 139 (5) (b) and (c) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty, and Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).