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Festivals Kilimanjaro Motor Club Unveils Routes For Vaisakhi Rally


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Dar es Salaam.The second round of the 2011 National Rally Championship (NRC) is set to get off to a thrilling start in Moshi next week with all top drivers set to battle it out for the top honours.

Organizers Kilimanjaro Motor Sports Club (KMSC) have finalized the route plan and itinerary for the 500km rally.
The event, according to the club’s chairman Mashaka Juma starts with the Super Special Stage (SSS) at Sikh Club on March 19 and completes its last section at Kibaoni, about ten kilometres west of Moshi municipality.

The second leg to be flagged off on March 20, will start at Sikh Club from where cars will speed to Kibaoni.
The second round of the Day 2 leg will start at Boma Ng’ombe from where cars will speed to KIA flying finish.

He said six more cars have been registered for the two350km race.The round, according to Mshaka will start at Rock kwa Wasomali and ends at KIA Junction while the fourth section will the cars off at Hai Stonequarry and end at Kwa Sadala.

He named Arusha-based Amarjeet Dhillon the event’s defending champion.He said his club was delighted to see a number of veteran drivers back on the wheel after long absence. (Miguel Suleyman)

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