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World Kcf Expresses Concern Over Killings, Threats To Sikhs


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

Rising Kashmir News

SRINAGAR AUG 21: Kashmir Civil Forum (KCF) on Saturday expressed its deep anger and anguish over the unabated killing of unarmed and innocent civilians across Kashmir. During last two months, so far 62 Kashmiris mostly teenaged youth have been shot dead in most gruesome and barbaric manner.

Forum views the ongoing situation as grave with the law enforcing agencies seemingly having gone out of control and besides the repeated claims by the state government there is no sign of restraint on the part of these agencies. The criminal silence of the concerned authorities over these gory incidents is highly condemnable and Forum urges the intelligentsia and members of the Civil Society across India to rise to the occasion and raise their voice against the grave injustice inflicted upon the people of Kashmir.

The Forum also strongly condemns the malicious campaign launched by some unidentified quarters against members of Sikh community in Kashmir and denounces the evil designs which are aimed at weakening otherwise strong secular fabric of Kashmir. It is rather intriguing that during the peak of militancy not even a finger was raised against this community and all communities have been living in peace and harmony since 1947 and the secular traditions have always been upheld by the majority community even against grave provocations. The Forum has also demanded an impartial probe to unveil the conspiracy hatched to harass the Sikh community apparently to malign the majority community.

The meeting was attended by M S Pandit, Prof Nusrat Andrabi, Zafar Meraj, Shafi Ahmad Qadri, Nighat Shafi, Shujaat Bukhari, Tasneem Akhtar, Muzaffar Bhat ,M S Magray,Irfan Mushtaq and Asim Qadri.

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