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    WELLINGTON: Former New Delhi businessman Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has become first Sikh to be member of the New Zealand parliament which has a record number of six Asian members.

    Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi of conservative National Party has defeated Labour Party's Ross Robertson in immigrant-dominated Manukau East constituency in subarban Auckland.

    Bakshi, with his wife Irvinder Kaur and two sons, moved to Auckland from Delhi in 2001 and has since been actively involved with Indian community groups in New Zealand. He is a member of a range of business and social organisations.

    Kanwal holds a B.Com degree from Delhi University and has 23 years of business experience. Since moving to New Zealand, he has been active in a number of business ventures covering property, wholesaling and the fashion industry.

    Bakshi moved to New Zealand with his family in 2001, where he has been running businesses in property, wholesaling and fashion.

    Mr Bakshi said he sold his vending machine business and worked full time on his Indian fashion business - which explained why he did not seek to employ anyone else.

    All the Asian members are immigrants and Wong is the only one elected to a constituency, with the others serving in the 122-seat parliament by virtue of being on their party lists.


    Kanwaljit S Bakshi (Bakshi) was born in Delhi in India.

    In 2001 Bakshi and his family came to live in New Zealand. They were attracted by the opportunities offered in New Zealand for their sons’ education and future well-being also for business growth.

    Prior to moving to New Zealand Kanwal, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Delhi and has 23 years of business experience, had business links with New Zealand via family friends. Since moving to New Zealand Kanwal has been active in a number of business ventures covering property, wholesaling and the fashion industry. He has been involved with the National Party since arriving in New Zealand seven years ago.

    Bakshi is actively involved in the NZ Indian community and was a member of a range of business and socially focused organisations. He was the Deputy Chairman of the India Trade Group Inc and an Executive Member of the Auckland Indian Association. He was the Vice Chairman of the Hindu Heritage Centre’s (Management Committee) and the Secretary of the Auckland Sikh Society which has its base in the Manukau East electorate. He was a founder member of Sikh Naujawan Sabha, an organisation which focuses on assisting teenage children to meet their full potential.

    Bakshi has been happily married to Irvinder Kaur for nineteen years. They have two sons. Contact Details

    Email: Bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz
    Phone: (04)817 9303 (Parliament)
    Phone: (09)2789302 (Electorate)

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    Aman Singh ji,

    Thanks for continuously providing us with stories of SABAT SURAT Sikhs with photographs reaching commanding heights in countries of their adoption.

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