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Canada Kanishka Bombing By Sikh Terrorists Was Revenge Of Op Blue Star: Justice John Major

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
11 May 2011

Kanishka bombing by Sikh terrorists was revenge of Op Blue Star: Justice John Major

Punjab Newsline Network
Wednesday, 11 May 2011

By Satinder Bains and Deepti Dharmani

CHANDIGARH: The Kanishka airline bombing killing 329 passengers in 1985 by Sikh terrorists was an act of revenge for Operation Blue Star conducted by Indian Army in Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab. This was an observation by Justice John Major Chairman of Commission of Inquiry of Kanishka Bombing. He was addressing a press conference here Tuesday.

The Air India flight 182 on the Montreal- London-Delhi-Bombay was blown up by a bomb at an altitude of 31000 feet on June 23,1985. The Boeing crashed into 747 crashed into the atlantic ocean killing all 329 passengers and crew members. Many of Canada based NRIs returning home were also killed in the mishap.

Justice John Major said that both killing of late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Kanishka bombing were act of revenge. He said that he had reached at this conclusion after interviewing family members of accused and the victims. He had heard about 200 witnesses during four years of inquiry.He had submitted his report to the Canada Government in June last year.

Justice John Major said that Sikh radical groups were still active in Canada and theier activities are a threat. He however said that he has no regret that Sikhs were given poilitical assylum by Canada and later it became a problem. According to an estimage about 3.50 lakh Sikhs flee from Punjab during days of militancy in 80's and obtained political assylum in Canada and USA. Now the Canada Government has became strict and getting political assylum is not as easy. John Major said that repeat of Kanishka like tragedy is not possible due to high security arrangements.

Justice John Major was not satisfied with the compensation given to victims of Kanishna air tragedy. He also said that cooperation from Indian and Canada government was not complete which was major handicap in the investigation. He said that compensation in terms of money was inadequate. The families of victims also needed rehabilitation. He feels that a board may have been constituted on the basis of his report to decide slab of monetary compensation to the victims. He said that all victims were compensated immediately after the air bombing but second compensation recommended by him is still in process. The Canada government is negotiating on it with the families of victims.

He clarified that Ripudaman Singh Malik who was acquitted in the Kanishka case was being tried on different counts. He had sought free legal aid claiming he had no money buit later it was found that he has huge assetts. So he is being tried now for committing a fraud.




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