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Jina Satguru Ka Aakhya Sukhavey Nahi

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by simpy, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. simpy

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    ਜਿਨਾ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕਾ ਆਖਿਆ ਸੁਖਾਵੈ ਨਾਹੀ ਤਿਨਾ ਮੁਹ ਭਲੇਰੇ ਫਿਰਹਿ ਦਯਿ ਗਾਲੇ ॥ ਜਿਨ ਅੰਦਰਿ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਿ ਨਹੀ ਹਰਿ ਕੇਰੀ ਸੇ ਕਿਚਰਕੁ ਵੇਰਾਈਅਨਿ ਮਨਮੁਖ ਬੇਤਾਲੇ ॥ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਨੋ ਮਿਲੈ ਸੁ ਆਪਣਾ ਮਨੁ ਥਾਇ ਰਖੈ ਓਹੁ ਆਪਿ ਵਰਤੈ ਆਪਣੀ ਵਥੁ ਨਾਲੇ ॥ ਜਨ ਨਾਨਕ ਇਕਨਾ ਗੁਰੁ ਮੇਲਿ ਸੁਖੁ ਦੇਵੈ ਇਕਿ ਆਪੇ ਵਖਿ ਕਢੈ ਠਗਵਾਲੇ ॥੧॥

    Ang 305
    sicAwr isK bih siqgur pwis Gwlin kUiVAwr n lBnI ikqY Qwie Bwly ] (305-1, gauVI, mÚ 4)
    sachiaar sikh bahi satgur paas ghaalan koorhi-aar na labhnee kitai thaa-ay bhaalay.
    The truthful Sikhs sit by the True Guru's side and serve Him. The false ones search, but find no place of rest.
    ijnw siqgur kw AwiKAw suKwvY nwhI iqnw muh Blyry iPrih diX gwly ] (305-1, gauVI, mÚ 4)
    jinaa satgur kaa aakhi-aa sukhaavai naahee tinaa muh bhalayray fireh da-yi gaalay.
    Those who are not pleased with the Words of the True Guru - their faces are cursed, and they wander around, condemned by God.
    ijn AMdir pRIiq nhI hir kyrI sy ikcrku vyrweIAin mnmuK byqwly ] (305-2, gauVI, mÚ 4)
    jin andar pareet nahee har kayree say kichrak vayraa-ee-an manmukh baytaalay.
    Those who do not have the Love of the Lord within their hearts - how long can those demonic, self-willed manmukhs be consoled?
    siqgur no imlY su Awpxw mnu Qwie rKY Ehu Awip vrqY AwpxI vQu nwly ] (305-3, gauVI, mÚ 4)
    satgur no milai so aapnaa man thaa-ay rakhai oh aap vartai aapnee vath naalay.
    One who meets the True Guru, keeps his mind in its own place; he spends only his own assets.
    jn nwnk ieknw guru myil suKu dyvY ieik Awpy viK kFY Tgvwly ]1] (305-4, gauVI, mÚ 4)
    jan naanak iknaa gur mayl sukh dayvai ik aapay vakh kadhai thagvaalay. ||1||
    O servant Nanak, some are united with the Guru; to some, the Lord grants peace, while others - deceitful cheats - suffer in isolation. ||1||

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