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Sikh News Jhumar Dance On Its Last Stages, Eloping From Punjab


Nov 29, 2005
have you heard of a folk dance called "JHUMAR", I guess many of you might have heard of it, But how many of you have seen it ? Well very few, as a matter of fact it is slowly eloping from punjab. Do u know who is Master of Jhumar in punjab right now? Phokhar singh is the only person ( whereas i know ) who has kept it alive and he himself feels that this folk dance will one day become a history. I read about Phokhar singh on tribune website, they have also posted a small media clip covering an interview about Phokhar singh. Another article i could find on "JHUMAR" dance was on sadapunjab.com which puts some light on this folk dance and also on phokhar singh.
If any one ahs more information on Jhumar , please post it , i am very anxious to read about it.

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