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Jealousy & Gossip !

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 308

slok mÚ 4 ]
ijsu AMdir qwiq prweI hovY iqs dw kdy n hovI Blw ]
Es dY AwiKAY koeI n lgY inq EjwVI pUkwry Klw ]
ijsu AMdir cuglI cuglo vjY kIqw kriqAw Es dw sBu gieAw ]
inq cuglI kry AxhodI prweI muhu kiF n skY Es dw kwlw BieAw ]
krm DrqI srIru kiljug ivic jyhw ko bIjy qyhw ko Kwey ]
glw aupir qpwvsu n hoeI ivsu KwDI qqkwl mir jwey ]
BweI vyKhu inAwau scu krqy kw jyhw koeI kry qyhw koeI pwey ]
jn nwnk kau sB soJI pweI hir dr kIAw bwqw AwiK suxwey ]1]

salok ma 4 ||
jis a(n)dhar thaath paraaee hovai this dhaa kadhae n hovee bhalaa ||
ous dhai aakhiai koee n lagai nith oujaarree pookaarae khalaa ||
jis a(n)dhar chugalee chugalo vajai keethaa karathiaa ous dhaa sabh gaeiaa ||
nith chugalee karae anehodhee paraaee muhu kadt n sakai ous dhaa kaalaa bhaeiaa ||
karam dhharathee sareer kalijug vich jaehaa ko beejae thaehaa ko khaaeae ||
galaa oupar thapaavas n hoee vis khaadhhee thathakaal mar jaaeae ||
bhaaee vaekhahu niaao sach karathae kaa jaehaa koee karae thaehaa koee paaeae ||
jan naanak ko sabh sojhee paaee har dhar keeaa baathaa aakh sunaaeae ||1||

Shalok, Fourth Mehl:
One whose heart is filled with jealousy of others, never comes to any good.
No one pays any attention to what he says; he is just a fool, crying out endlessly in the wilderness.
One whose heart is filled with malicious gossip, is known as a malicious gossip; everything he does is in vain.
Night and day, he continually gossips about others; his face has been blackened, and he cannot show it to anyone.
The body is the field of action, in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga; as you plant, so shall you harvest.
Justice is not passed on mere words; if someone eats poison, he dies.
O Siblings of Destiny, behold the justice of the True Creator; as people act, so they are rewarded.
The Lord has bestowed total understanding upon servant Nanak; he speaks and proclaims the words of the Lord's Court. ||1||

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