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Japji Sahib - Pauri 37th

Discussion in 'Jup Banee' started by Amarpal, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear members

    Through this post, I share my understanding of 37th Pauri of Japji Sahib.

    1. krm KMf kI bwxI joru ] karam khand kee banee jor.

    The domain of action finds expression by the effort made.

    2. iqQY horu n koeI horu ] tithai hor na ko-ee hor.

    There, nothing else is.

    3. iqQY joD mhwbl sUr ] tithai joDh mahaabal soor.

    There are worriers of great power.

    4. iqn mih rwmu rihAw BrpUr ] tin meh raam rahi-aa bharpoor.

    In whom the essence of ‘The Sat’ resides.

    5. iqQY sIqo sIqw mihmw mwih ] tithai seeto seetaa mahimaa maahi.

    In whom one can find the coolness, calmness and glory of Sita.

    6. qw ky rUp n kQny jwih ] taa kay roop na kathnay jaahi.

    Their features cannot be described.

    7. nw Eih mrih n Twgy jwih ] naa ohi mareh na thaagay jaahi.

    Neither they can die nor they can be cheated.

    8. ijn kY rwmu vsY mn mwih ] jin kai raam vasai man maahi.

    In whose mind the “The Sat’ resides.

    9. iqQY Bgq vsih ky loA ] tithai bhagat vaseh kay lo-a.

    Where ever the devotees live “The Sat’ is there.

    10. krih Anµdu scw min soie ] karahi anand sachaa man so-ay.

    With ‘The Sat’ in their mind they remain in bliss.

    11. sc KMif vsY inrMkwru ] sach khand vasai nirankaar.

    In the ‘Domain of Truth’ the ‘Nirakaar’ (formless) dwells.

    12. kir kir vyKY ndir inhwl ] kar kar vaykhai nadar nihaal.

    ‘The Sat’ watches over the creation it has created and through its grace bestows happiness.

    13. iqQY KMf mMfl vrBMf ] tithai khand mandal varbhand.

    There are domains, groups of planets and galaxies.

    14. jy ko kQY q AMq n AMq ] jay ko kathai ta ant na ant.

    If some one tries to speak of them it will be endless.

    15. iqQY loA loA Awkwr ] tithai lo-a lo-a aakaar.

    There are world upon world of the creation of ‘The Sat’.

    16. ijv ijv hukmu iqvY iqv kwr ] jiv jiv hukam tivai tiv kaar.

    As is the order of ‘The Sat’ accordingly it gets done.

    17. vyKY ivgsY kir vIcwru ] vaykhai vigsai kar veechaar.

    ‘The Sat’ sees it grow by contemplation.

    18. nwnk kQnw krVw swru ]37] naanak kathnaa karrhaa saar. ||37||

    O’Nanak, describing it is as hard as steel.

    My understanding of this Pauri:

    In this Pauri Guru Sahib has explained to me two domains of my life: (i) the domain of action (Karam Khand) and (ii) the domain of truth (Sach Khand).

    Guru Sahib has explained to me that the domain of action is characterised by the efforts that one puts in with ‘The Sat’ in mind. My actions should be with will calmness and coolness in my heart and soul. The divinity that glows from the faces of such individuals cannot be described. In other words Guru Sahib has told me that all my actions should have their origin in ‘Truth’. Guru Sahib has told me that in this domain there is nothing else from the side on we humans. ‘The Sat’ watches over us and grace us as it deems fit.

    Guru Sahib has told me that the domain of ‘Truth’ (Sach Khand) is the place where the Nirakaar’ i.e. ‘The Sat’ resides. Guru Sahib has also told me that where the Bhagatas are, ‘The Sat’ resides there. By implication it means that where the true Bhagatas are that is ‘Sach Khand’. To me it is clear that the Khands are no separate physical places; they all co-exist where we humans live. It is the level of evolution of we humans that make it Such Khand or something else. The evolved individuals never fear death; this way they never die, they never get cheated. (In earlier Pauri I have explained what is my understanding of Guru Sahib’s statement that they do not die)

    Guru Sahib has again introduced me to the infiniteness of ‘The Sat’ by telling me the enormity of what ‘The Sat’ has created and its ability to oversee its entire creation. Guru Sahib has told me that all that happens is because of ‘The Sat’, through its ‘Hukam’ and Grace. In the end Guru sahib has told me that this ‘Infinite’ cannot be described.

    With this I close.

    With love and respect for all.

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