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Japji Sahib - Pauri 24

Discussion in 'Jup Banee' started by Amarpal, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Readers,

    Through this post, I share with you all, what I have understood from 24th Pauri of Japji Sahib.

    1. AMqu n isPqI khix n AMqu ] ant na siftee kahan na ant.

    There is no end to individuals who praise ‘Karta Purakh’ and there is no end to these praises.

    2. AMqu n krxY dyix n AMqu ] ant na karnai dayn na ant.
    There is no limits to the doings ‘Karta Purakh’ and what all ‘Karta Purakh’ gives.


    3. AMqu n vyKix suxix n AMqu ] ant na vaykhan sunan na ant.
    There is no end to the ways ‘Karta Purakh’ is visualised and no end to what one hears about Karta Purakh.

    4. AMqu n jwpY ikAw min mMqu ] ant na jaapai ki-aa man mant.

    The limits of what ‘Karta Purakh’ thinks cannot be perceived; it is beyond the capabilities of human mind.

    5. AMqu n jwpY kIqw Awkwru ] ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar.
    The totality of forms that ‘Karta Purakh’ creates cannot be perceived.

    6. AMqu n jwpY pwrwvwru ] ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
    The limits of functioning of ‘Karta Purakh’ cannot be perceived.

    7. AMq kwrix kyqy ibllwih ] ant kaaran kaytay billaahi.
    Many struggle to know these limits.

    8. qw ky AMq n pwey jwih ] taa kay ant na paa-ay jaahi.
    The limits of Karta Purakh cannot be found.

    9. eyhu AMqu n jwxY koie ] ayhu ant na jaanai ko-ay.
    This end fact (that the limits cannot be found) no one knows.

    10. bhuqw khIAY bhuqw hoie ] bahutaa kahee-ai bahutaa ho-ay.
    ‘Karta Purakh’ is always larger than what we can one can speak about.

    11. vfw swihbu aUcw Qwau ] vadaa saahib oochaa thaa-o.
    ‘Karta Purakh’ is the Great Sahib and has a High abode.

    12. aUcy aupir aUcw nwau ] oochay upar oochaa naa-o.
    ‘Karta Purakh’ is above the tall and higher to them in name.

    13. eyvfu aUcw hovY koie ] ayvad oochaa hovai ko-ay.
    Can any one be as high as ‘Karta Purakh’?

    14. iqsu aUcy kau jwxY soie ] tis oochay ka-o jaanai so-ay.
    Can any one know this highest?

    15. jyvfu Awip jwxY Awip Awip ] jayvad aap jaanai aap aap.
    Only ‘Karta Purakh’ is great enough to know itself on Its own.

    16. nwnk ndrI krmI dwiq ]24] naanak nadree karmee daat. ||24||
    Nanak, by Its glance, Karta Purakh bestows Its blessings.

    My learning from this Pauri:

    In the sixteen sentences of this Pauri, Guru Sahib is telling me that it is futile to try to understand or perceive ‘Karta Purakh’ by any of the faculties that nature has given to we humans. With the greatest possible stretch of my imagination, I cannot perceive this limitless ‘Karta Purakh’. ‘The Sat’ is always beyond what I can possibly perceive. In other words, Guru Sahib is telling me not to train my resources to perceive ‘The Sat’ on my own; it is not possible. Only with the grace of ‘Karta Purakh’ this blessing can come. This complete Pauri is elaboration of the concept that Guru Sahib has included in the ‘Mool Mantra’ i.e. Gurparsadi.

    With Love and Respect for all.

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