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Japji Sahib - 36th Pauri 36

Discussion in 'Jup Banee' started by Amarpal, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Members,

    Next is the 36th Pauri of Japji Sahib. In this post I share with you what I understand from this Pauri.

    1. igAwn KMf mih igAwnu prcMfu ] gi-aan khand meh gi-aan parchand.

    In knowledge world the depth and spread of knowledge that matters.

    2. iqQY nwd ibnod kof Anµdu ] tithai naad binod kod anand.

    There is the Naad, enjoyment and bliss.

    3. srm KMf kI bwxI rUpu ] saram khand kee banee roop.

    The realm of physical work is expressed through the physical features.

    4. iqQY GwViq GVIAY bhuqu AnUpu ] tithai ghaarhat gharhee-ai bahut anoop.

    There the creator has created enormous variety of diverse features.

    5. qw kIAw glw kQIAw nw jwih ] taa kee-aa galaa kathee-aa naa jaahi.

    The details of these realms cannot be described.

    6. jy ko khY ipCY pCuqwie ] jay ko kahai pichhai pachhutaa-ay.

    If some one describes, this individual will later regret doing so.

    7. iqQY GVIAY suriq miq min buiD ] tithai gharhee-ai surat mat man buDh.

    There the consciousness, cognitive abilities and opinions, mind and spiritual perfection are created.

    8. iqQY GVIAY surw isDw kI suiD ]36] tithai gharhee-ai suraa siDhaa kee suDh. ||36||

    There the awareness akin to those who have accomplished and evolved into divinities is created.

    My understanding of this Pauri:

    Guru Sahib in this Pauri has introduced me to the world of knowledge work and physical work; where and to what they can lead me.

    Guru Sahib is telling me that in the knowledge world it is the depth and spread of knowledge that is needed.

    Guru Sahib is telling me that in the domain of physical work, there are dependencies resulting from the features that one has. In other words Guru Sahib is telling me not to apply same yardstick for physical work to all; I must respect the limitation imposed by the features which nature has given to the individuals. I understand that Guru Sahib is telling me that I should not insist on gender equality when it comes to physical work and also respect age. I must recognise the limitation that come from the way nature have created all living entities – men, women and animals; the young, those in their youth and the aged. I should also respect the limitations of the draught animals. No one should get exploited; they are all creation of ‘The Sat’; ‘The Sat’ resides in all.

    Guru Sahib is telling me that what the individual becomes depends on her/his achievements in these two realms i.e. the realm of knowledge and physical work. Guru Sahib has cautioned me about the difficulties that are inherent in describing the processes, which create the spiritually evolved and divine individuals, as one can never succeed in doing so and those who attempt to explain regret later.

    In this Pauri, Guru Sahib has introduced me to some of the basic elements of social justice and told me that living in the world of knowledge and physical work one can evolve into divinity. I know my Guru Sahibs’ lives are the living example for me, they have achieved all living the life of householders and working to support their family from the earnings that came from the physical work they did.


    With this I close.

    With love and respect for all.

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