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India Its Dashmesh Kalgidhar Gatka Jatha (Hyderabad) Now In Action On Tv


Aug 30, 2011
Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Almost a year after Bir Khalsa Gatka dal from Taran Taaran created sensation displaying Gatka on national channel COLORS, its now the Dashmesh Kalgidhar Jatha from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh in action on Zee Telugu.
Hyderabad is home to a large sikh population who are the descendants of the sikh army sent here by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. The art of fighting that the sikh army brought with them is still preserved to some extent. A seasoned gatka practitioner will notice a subtle difference in the way these guys use their shastars.

Dashmesh Kalgidhar Jatha is led by Sr.Narender Singh who from the last 25 years is trying to keep gatka alive in the city of Hyderabad, far from the Punjab. They were planning to promote it in other areas of Andhra Pradesh and were planning to do so by travelling to individual places. This show however came in as an opportunity and created the platform that they required to reach deep into the state of AP since zee telugu is a widely watched channel in this region.

Watch the videos of the performances for yourself:

First Round Stage 1: Adbutham The Multi Talent Reality Show -KHALSA GROUP- Zee Telugu (16.May.2011) - YouTube
Quarter Finals Stage 2: Quarter Final - Adbutham The Multi Talent Reality Show -KHALSA GROUP-Zee Telugu- 7.Jun.2011 - YouTube
Semi finals Stage 3 Semi Finals Adbutham The Multi Talent Reality Show KHALSA GROUP Zee Telugu 27 Jun 2011 - YouTube
Finals Stage 4 Finals Adbutham The Multi Talent Reality Show KHALSA GROUP Zee Telugu 05 July 2011 - YouTube

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