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It Is God's Nature ,

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Malaar on Pannaa 1270

mlwr mÚ 5 ]
pRB ko Bgiq bClu ibrdwieE ]
inMdk mwir crn ql dIny Apuno jsu vrqwieE ]1] rhwau ]
jY jY kwru kIno sB jg mih dieAw jIAn mih pwieE ]
kMiT lwie Apuno dwsu rwiKE qwqI vwau n lwieE ]1]
AMgIkwru kIE myry suAwmI BRmu Bau myit suKwieE ]
mhw Anµd krhu dws hir ky nwnk ibsÍwsu min AwieE ]2]14]18]

malaar ma 5 ||
prabh ko bhagath bashhal biradhaaeiou ||
ni(n)dhak maar charan thal dheenae apuno jas varathaaeiou ||1|| rehaao ||
jai jai kaar keeno sabh jag mehi dhaeiaa jeean mehi paaeiou ||
ka(n)t(h) laae apuno dhaas raakhiou thaathee vaao n laaeiou ||1||
a(n)geekaar keeou maerae suaamee bhram bho maett sukhaaeiou ||
mehaa ana(n)dh karahu dhaas har kae naanak bisvaas man aaeiou ||2||14||18||

Malaar, Fifth Mehla:
It is God's Nature to love His devotees.
He destroys the slanderers, crushing them beneath His Feet. His Glory is manifest everywhere. ||1||Pause||
His Victory is celebrated all throughout the world. He blesses all creatures with compassion.
Hugging him close in His Embrace, the Lord saves and protects His slave. The hot winds cannot even touch him. ||1||
My Lord and Master has made me His Own; dispelling my doubts and fears, He has made me happy.
The Lord's slaves enjoy ultimate ecstasy; O Nanak, faith has welled up in my mind. ||2||14||18||

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