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When i ws small.somone told me tt in pakistan there is onr mosque in which shivling is present n if ne sikh or hindu vl go n put water on that shivling then all.the muslim .populationvl die i js wanna know the truth pls dont misunderstand it vd spreading rumours its hs a question.wich i wanna ask.

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well the truth is no, if you put water on the shivling then all the muslim population will not die, this is a ridiculous question, as every sane intelligent person is aware that water on the shivling kills all the Christian population, not the Muslims. :kaurfacepalm:
Its a suggestion tt fv could.start a course or thread on the history of ten gurus n.after each discussion the leaders shud.gv us assignments so tt v could chek our knowledge n uncrease our knowledge also related to the particular topuc by this v vl know about our gurus n vl try to hv deep study about them ifbu all agree vd ds then v could request our administrators to start thisv in order to preserve our culture n gv our generation the grt knowledge.
Thank you.
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