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Intrepretation Of The Opening Of Japji Sahib


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Good luck on your journey.

Cityguyyoga ji, the Banee of the Guru, and including the shabads that are also part of daily prayers, our Nit Nem, are sacred to us. Alternative translations are not outlawed. But interpretations that come from personal motivations and experience are not considered Gurmatt (from the wisdom of the Guru). They risk coming from under the veil of Maya (from the mind of a human being).

I do not know why people don't get this: When we interpret Gurbani we should not feel free to rewrite it. We use and depend on the words of the Guru to understand and interpret our earthly moral and spiritual condition. We do not use our experiences and intuitions to re-write what Guruji has already said. :welcome:

So as I said "Good luck on your journey." There will be controversy about your post for reasons I have enumerated.

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