Inspirational International Womens Day - A Humble Tribute To Bebeh Nanaki Ji

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004

MY Most Revered WOMAN of all time.....

BEBE NANAKI... elder Sister of Guru nanak Ji Sahib and FIRST SIKH.

Bebeh Nanaki JI... I salute you !! and I revere you as the first person to understand who Guru Nanak Ji is....

Bebeh Nanaki was born in 1464 (5 years elder to Guru Nanak ji) at Village Chahal in Lahore District. Since her birth took place at her maternal grandparents house..nanakeh..her name Nanaki came to be popular. She was married to Bhaiyah Jai ram Ji who had his residence in Sultanpur Lodhi as he was a civil servant in the Court of the Sultan of Sultanpur Lodhi.

IT was entirely due to Bebeh nanaki's pyaar and love for her younger brother Nanak, and her early recognition that the young Nanak was no ordinary human but Nirankar Himself that led to her taking Nanak back to Sultanpur Lodhi and perusading her husband to get Nanak a job with the Nawab's Grain-Treasury (Modee Khana).

Guru Nanak Ji spent a very long period of time at Sultan Pur Lodhi and a huge collection of His momentos and various Gurdwaras exist in Sultanpur Lodhi. It was from here that Guru nanak Ji set out on His travels around the world. Its here the two sons of Guru Nanak ji were born (Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh). Its here that has Bebeh nanaki's house, it was from here that Guru nanak jis baraat set out, its here that Gurdawra Hatt sahib, Gurdwara bebeh nanaki, Gurdwara Ber Sahib , Gurdwara Antrayamta sahib etc as well as the sacrd River Bein flows serenly nearby.. The Main Sultanpur Lodhi-Kapurthala Road is named Bebeh Nanaki Marg in her honour.

Sultanpur Lodhi has a lot to thank and be grateful to Bebeh nanaki ji for...IF not for Bebeh Nanaki Ji..the town wouldnt have been blessed as residence of Guru Nanank Ji for such a long period of time........Today Sultanpur Lodhi has been declared a Blessed Town and attracts hundreds of thosuands of pilgrims on each Guru nanak Parkash Ushtav and Nagar Kirtan from kapurthala to Sultanpur - a distance of about 26 KM - entire distance full of sangats walking, driving and Guru Ka Langgars at every few hundred yards along the way...

On this International Womans day I bow my head at the revered feet of Bebeh nanaki Ji as the Very First SIKH of Guru Nanak Ji Sahib.

Jarnail Singh

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