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Interested In Sikhism


Apr 26, 2010
Hello every one,

I am very interested in Sikhism. I am English (white) but I like to wear Salwar Kameez and am always interested in other nations and other cultures which is how I "stumbled" on Sikhism from what I've read and heard I believe in the basic princilples.

I would love to go a long to the local sikh temple to worhsip but I'm scared I might seem odd and out of place. Mainly because I'm not a Sikh but also I'm not Indian and I don't speak Punjabi. Tho I am guessing any one can be a Sikh regardless of skin tone or whatever right!! We are all God's children after all.

I didn't realize Sikhs believe in God I thought they just believed in and worshipped their gurus but now I know they believe strongly and love God I want to find out more because I too believe and love God.

I know they have worship through out the day and I would love to go a long this evening or this afternoon but I'm scared of being out of place without a clue of what I'm doing or whats going on.

I'd put on my best salwar and remove my footwear before entering the temple but I wouldn't know where I'm going in the temple or what I'm doing.

Should I go and just find out or should I leave it.. I guess I need a little encouragement. Anyway it is nice to be here and hopefully learn more aboutt Sikhismm.!!

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