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Mar 23, 2011
Hi Everyone.
I want to know whether a Sikh Girl marrying a Hindu Boy or a Hindu Girl marrying a Sikh Boy is against the traditions of Sikhism. Is it necessary for the two to be either Sikh or Hindu to tie a pure knot of marriage and to start a new Life.
If not, then why parents wants their children to suffer and wants their children to sacrifice their Love and Happiness by not marrying someone(who is of different religion) whom they Love a lot and of their choice. I know, parents have a feeling of insecurities for their children when it comes to their marriage but if He or She(whom their children has selected as a Life Partner and wants to marry) is a good human and together they will live a happy life forever then what is the problem. Parents always wants the happiness of their children then why not when their children wants to marry a person of their choice(if together they will live happily). Just because that person does not belongs to the same religion, He or She has to suffer. Is this not an injustice against the two children who want to begin a new life but cannot because they both are not Hindu or Sikh. Even when they both can do anything for the happiness of each other. One thing parents forgot is that if their children marry someone with whom they can't live happily then will this not hurt parents later on that their children are not happy.
If yes, then is it anyway possible for the two(Sikh Girl marrying a Hindu Boy or a Hindu Girl marrying a Sikh Boy) to marry each other and to begin a new life.
I don't know if i am right or wrong but this one question comes in the mind of many people who are in love but have to suffer and finally get separated just because one is Sikh and other is Hindu.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
onurag ji

This question has been asked many times and there are many threads here at SPN discussing it. Please take a look there first. I am moving the thread to Relationships. Thanks.


Mar 23, 2011
Hi everyone..
I think i've written something wrong as i've recieved no response. I am really sorry if i've hurt someone's feeling.
Kindly guide me how to convert myself into Sikh. I regularly study Nitnem and try to follow Sikhism in my Life.
One more thing, my name is Anurag XYZ. So after converting to Sikh, will my name be "Anurag Singh XYZ" or will it be "Anurag Singh".


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Dec 21, 2010
You will have to go through proper naming process before Baptization as your exisitng name was not selected as such.

See thread on naming ceremony and ask any such questions there.

Practice Punjabi with the following as well,

jnm qy nwm-sMskwr
a) is`K dy Gr bwlk dw jnm hox mgroN jd mwqw auTx bYTx qy ieSnwn krn dy Xog hovy qW (idnW dI koeI
igxqI muk`rr nhIN) t`br qy sMbMDI gurduAwry kVwh pRSwid lY ky jwx jW krwaux Aqy gurU jI dy hzUr 'prmysir idqw bMnw' (soriT m: 5) 'siqgurU swcY dIAw Byij' (Awsw m:5) Awid KuSI qy DMnvwd vwly Sbd pVHn, aupRMq, jykr sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI dw pwT r`iKAw hovy qW pwT dw Bog pwieAw jwvy, iPr vwk ilAw jwvy[ vwk dy ArMB dy Sbd dw jo pihlw A~Kr hovy, aus qoN gRMQI isMG b`cy dw nwm qjvIz kry Aqy sMgq dI pRvwngI lY ky nwm pRgt kry[ lVky dy nwauN ip`Cy 'isMG' Sbd Aqy lVkI dy nwm ip`Cy 'kOr' Sbd lgwieAw jwvy[ aupRMq, AnMd swihb (Cy pauVIAW) mgroN b`cy dy nwm sMskwr dI KuSI dw Xog SbdW iv`c Ardwsw kr ky kVwh pRSwid vrqwieAw jwvy[

A) jnm dy sMbMD ivc Kwx-pIx ivc koeI sUqk dw Brm nhIN krnw, ikauNik:

"jMmxu mrxw hukmu hY BwxY AwvY jwie]
Kwxw pIxw pivqR hY idqonu irjku sMbwih]"
e) sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI dy rumwl qoN colw bxw ky pwauxw Awid mnm`q hY[

AMimRq sMskwr

s) hr dyS,hr mzHb qy jwqI dy hr iesqRI purS nUM AMimRq Ckx dw AiDkwr hY, jo is`K Drm gRihx krn 'qy aus dy AsUlW aupr c`lx dw pRx kry[

bhuq CotI AvsQw dw nw hovy, hoS sMBwlI hovy, AMimRq Ckx vwly hryk pRwxI ny kysIN ieSnwn kIqw hovy Aqy hr iek pMj kkwr (kys, ikRpwn gwqry vwlI, kCihrw,kMGw,kVw) dw DwrnI hovy[ Anmq dw koeI icMnH nw hovy, isr nMgw jW topI nw hovy, Cydk gihxy koeI nw hox[ Adb nwl h`Q joV ky sRI gurU jI dy hzUr KVHy hox[

Sat Sri Akal.


Aug 17, 2010
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