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Informing People On Unsafe Changes In Sikhi; Various Media Outlets; Not Sect-Bashing


Nov 6, 2008
Just Informing People on unsafe changes in Sikhism and various media outlets, no Sect Bashing included. Just Informing and open for positive debate.
Dear Sir or Madame/ Friend,

Through meeting people, listening to television shows, radio broadcasts, reading a wide range of information, using 3ho services, listening from their prayer tracks, purchasing their CDs, seeing information and learning their form of Sikhism and seeing regular Sikh.

Also I would like to inform you that the most popular website for Sikhs, www.sikhnet.com, is based at Espanola, New Mexico and always supports a 3HO Sikh agenda. On the webmaster’s blog www.mrsikhnet.com he even tried to tell the Sikh public that we are forgetting that Yoga was once part of our religion.

In the book titled “Sikh Identity” by Opinderjit Kaur the author explains how the 3HO lifestyle deviates from the Sikh teachings. Also she explains her opinion (which many people have not heard) that the Sikh head SGPC president Tohra stated in a news report that Yogi Bhajan was never given the title of Sri Singh Sahib, the Sikh leader of the Western hemisphere. He also stated that there is no such title as the Sikh leader of the Western hemisphere. 3HO even teaches in books like “Yoga for Business Success” by Darshan Singh Khalsa that one can obtain spiritual powers from doing Kundalini Yoga. In the Sikh scripture is states “Inhaling, exhaling and holding the breath by the force of the mind – by empty hypocritical practices, Dharmic love for the Lord is not produced. Only through Word of the Guru’s Shabad is the sublime, supreme, essence obtained.” (Page 1043 of Guru Granth). There are many quotes which support this argument. This organization is like many others which often use the Sikh holy book to encourage doing Yoga, or Meditation to attain enlightenment. Sant Mat which was once known in the Punjab as the Rhadasoami group has claimed that they can show people inner light and they have confused many people.

Many 3HO members admit that they worship Guru Ram Das by giving him objects and this has never been a form of worship in Sikhism. Sikhs have only worshipped God. As long as there has been Sikhism Sikhs did not have to wear only white in order to follow their religion. The holy scripture for the Sikhs the Guru Granth Sahib holds the title as the current Guru of the Sikhs as it holds the teachings from all ten of the Sikh Gurus.

Also 3HO has introduced new mantras which have never been part of Sikhism, or even Hinduism. When I ask many people from India whose Grandparent’s where Sikhs they have never even heard of these mantras.

In conclusion, 3HO can be confusing our youth and altering our religion Many Sikhs have believed Yogi Bhajan to be a Siri Singh Sahib of their religion. . When I learnt of different scandals I became really shocked. I felt this way because Mr. Bhajan claimed to have such a high rank in our religion and so many people believed in. The 3HO group are not bad people that is not the message I am trying to convey. I am simply trying to inform people on their different teachings and how originally they were not associated with Sikhism. That is all, I am not saying these people are bad people many of them could be good people. But I am discussing the new religious beliefs that do not match with Sikhism.

Please note before I read this post I read this in the terms of use: “Do not engage in personal attacks or sect bashing. HATE MESSAGES WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE.”

I have taken time to make sure that I have not crossed the line, or in any way project any hate to this group. That is not my goal in any way. I have only posted what I thought would be acceptable by this website so if somehow this is not I did not know. I just want to say that I hope people throughout the world put effort into helping to restore Sikhism in its original form for ourselves and our children so that they can understand the religion more easily in a straightforward and simple way. Anyone can make a difference, if you have a radio show and you spend a little bit of time talking about the main principles of Sikhism, and Sikhism basic principles. If you have a personal story, about someone you know who joined a group like the Rhadasoamis. That is perfectly acceptable to discuss as long as there are not personal attacks or attacks on any group.

Thanks and Sincerely,:up::happy::happy::):yes:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Re: Informing People on unsafe changes in Sikhi & various media outlet no Sect bash i

Suntink ji

I read your post very carefully -- both as a moderator and as someone who has more than a little familiarity with Sikhnet. I used to perform the hukamnama seva for Sikhnet in which I transcribed the audio translation and katha for the Daily Hukamnama two or more days a week, among other things. I do not do that any more for personal reasons.

No, in my personal opinion, I do not think you have crossed any line that would be sect bashing. You yourself can see similar information posted information in the public domain on many other sites, including the Sikhnet site. So what you are reporting is not a secret. (note: I changed the original wording of this sentence "You have posted information in the public domain on many other sites, including the Sikhnet site” as my meaning was unclear and caused concern for Suntink ji. Apologies)

One caution I would want you to consider however. The scandals may be nothing more than vicious rumors by people looking to make some fast money. These "shocking" claims need to be taken with a lot of questions and skepticism. Documents that make these charges are ALL in the nature of court filings by the plaintiffs, those seeking to sue and gain monetary settlements from the 3HO organization in federal court in the US. None of these documents were ever cross-examined. They are preliminary court documents, affidavits and other legal papers, charging that Yogi Bhajan and 3HO violated the constitutional rights of various individuals. I have read all of these various reports and legal documents that are on the Internet. When charges like these are made in the US, the courts by law must bring the charges to light and to trial. That does not mean that the charges have any merit. All it means is that lawyers have filed papers. We don't see any documents from the other side the 3HO side. Out of court settlements are frequently the goal of plaintiffs -- and could be the case in these situations as well -- because money can be made simply by lawyers on both wrangling over the case. The defendants just want to get rid of the case because a trial is very expensive. The intent of the plaintiffs is never to go to trial, but just make money.

There is not enough information to know if any of these charges are true. So, in the interests of being objective I have to state that we think first and think carefully. Because some important information is absent. The internet is full of gossip. The intricacies of federal court cases are complicated, boring and not as sensational as saying that there is a gang of law-breakers.

P/S I am not a 3HO Sikh, but a Sikh who just wants to be fair.
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