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  1. spnadmin

    SALDEF Major News Outlets Remove Image Linking Sikhs To Osama Bin Laden

    On Friday, May 6th, two major news outlets, CNN and Financial Times (FT), published online articles about Osama bin Laden using images of a Sikh to supplement the news stories. Both images were featured on the outlets’ homepages and were likely viewed by millions of readers. Within...
  2. S

    Informing People On Unsafe Changes In Sikhi; Various Media Outlets; Not Sect-Bashing

    Just Informing People on unsafe changes in Sikhism and various media outlets, no Sect Bashing included. Just Informing and open for positive debate. Dear Sir or Madame/ Friend, Through meeting people, listening to television shows, radio broadcasts, reading a wide range...
  3. S

    Sikh News Oracle's Exclusive Brand Outlets In Punjab, Delhi (Indian Express Finance Via Yah

    Ludhiana-based garment manufacturer Oracle plans to open exclusive brand outlets (EBOs), to market its new range across Punjab. The company specializes in manufacturing jackets, coats and pullovers for both men and women. In an interaction with FE, Sanjeev Singla, MD,Oracle said that about 10...