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Islam Indian Muslims Demand Washington Apology For Alleged Quran Abuse (AP Via Yahoo! Asia News)

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Sikh News Reporter, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Sikh News Reporter

    Sikh News Reporter United States
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    Sep 20, 2004
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  3. blueshovel

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    Jun 2, 2005
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    Somebody please explain. What is at such issue, that aggressions abuse of women (stoning to death for alleged adultery, when none has taken place and is only an excuse for a philandering husband to get out of a marriage, gang rape as a devise to get even with a male member of another family, etc, AMONGST A GREAT NUMBER OF OTHER HORRIBLE HUMAN/ENVIROMENTAL ABUSES TO NUMEROUS TO MENTION) is not a big enough deal to get these practice to stop, or even get religious and political leaders to speak on these abuses, but burn a Koran, and everyone is up in arms. Does a document, one mass-produces and not the least bit difficult to obtain, take more precedence than other humans, other Muslims? I feel a person whose faith is so weak that the wanton destruction of the simple physical drives them to murder, is no follower of god. Big deal you burnt a book, while I understand the disgust in the actions is gross, and unjust, there is so much more to be offended over, to raise a voice, to demand change of. I do not wish to either put anyone down (except those with murder in mind, let them be offended, let them closer to their devil so they might indulge a life here, and after of a hell that is their own creation), I really would like to understand more. Is this just the straw that broke the camels back, because if I the camel wasn't feeling broken by the criminal war in Iraq, the environmental devastation, the lack of rights and gross human violations in the like of Saudi Arabia, Russia, the USA, Venezuela, most of Africa, pretty much every where, if suicide bombers who kill innocents didn't break ones proverbial back, if these and all the other hurts we perpetrate upon our environment and fellow humans doesn't stir action, why this? Please respond!

    Now a breif moment to rant.

    Personally, there are material things I enjoy, from instruments, to pictures of dead friend that could never be replaced, manuscripts I find holy, but they are material, aren't we trying to close on the divinity of the immaterial, does one not give power to those abusers by acting inappropriately on subjects such as this. Instead of shouting "murder the infidel", start a co-op to print and distribute as many Korans, Bibles, Books of Mormon, Dianetics, etc show that disdain for the material is to easily counter. But then, the zealots have never relied on logic or compassion, have refused to see that a dead person is not someone closer to god, and that the sick will join and feed off death, while the learned teach, and gain by acts of kindness, faith, and devotion. The positive is more powerful, but a powerful mind is required to understand that, while the <90 IQ crowd build walls and bombs, and who wants to spend an eternity with that bunch (should that be ones belief). Go with peace and love. J
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