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Indian Classical Music Conference 2010


LearnQuest Academy of Music is proud to present its 5th annual music conference featuring some of the very best of Indian Classical musicians, of both the Hindustani and the Carnatic styles. This five-day music fest will be held from Wednesday, March 31st to Sunday, April 4th at three different locations: on March 31 at Boston University, on April 1st at MIT and from April 2–April 4 at Regis College.

Music festivals are an integral part of the tradition of Indian classical music providing a forum for artists and music lovers to create and enjoy music at the highest level. The LearnQuest annual music conference is an attempt to uphold this tradition in the North America by creating an Indian Sangeet Sammelan like environment every year. A unique music festival that presents both Hindustani and Carnatic artists in the same forum, the LearnQuest Music Conference offers a broad yet deep musical experience ranging from vocal to instrumental performances from different gharanas (schools) of music and a host of instruments including veena, sitar, sarod, shehnai, violin, flute harmonium, tabla and mridangam. Whether you are a long-time connoisseur or a novice explorer of this classic medium, this event is sure to be one that will leave you with memorable musical impressions.

We present the celebrated masters as well as upcoming rising stars from the world of Indian Classical Music. Our “swarmanch” (music stage) has been graced by celebrated masters like Hariprasad Chaurasia, Rashid Khan, Imrat Khan, Ali Ahmed Hussein, M.S. Gopalakrishnan, Aruna Sairam, T. M. Krishna, the Gundecha Brothers, and Prabha Atre to name but a few. Every year we also feature young upcoming artists as they forge their way to becoming pillars of classical music themselves.

Raginder Singh Momi is a young artist who resides in San Francisco Bay Area. Being born in a musical family, Raginder has always been exposed to the brilliance of Indian Classical Music. He is a disciple of the renowned violinist, Dr. Sisir Kanadhar Choudhury. He started learning from her at the age of eleven, and is still under her guidance. Raginder also has been performing in many local events for the past six years.

In 2009, the world of music mourned the loss of a legendary figure: Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Our conference, this year, seeks to honor his memory with special sessions, led by his senior disciple George Ruckert and his son Alam Khan.

LearnQuest gratefully acknowledges the support of music aficionados, volunteers, donors and patrons of Indian Classical Music in the New England area and North America who made the past music conferences from 2006 to 2009 a resounding success.


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