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General If You Interview GOD What Would You Ask Him?

Aug 6, 2006
nothing............ after reaching to him and after making sure of his existance, no questions will remain, no doubts will prevail, all desires will disapear and one will be left speachless.

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
IK ONG KAAR is being confused with personified deity which is in 3 semitic religions and Hinduism.. pls check the meaning of IK ONG KAAR described beautifully by Guru Nanak in Mool mantar and wonderfully translated by Amarpal veer ji in this forum to erase this doubt for good. Lets follow the path of sikhi.. not of some snakeoil salesmen.

Happy Sikhi Journey.



Nov 5, 2006
Oh God where do I begin ?

Between a man who prays all the time but has flawed conduct and a man who does nto pray at all but has impeccable conduct? Who is more closer to achieving you?

what is true intellect and why and how did man loose the right to the use of 100% of his/her brain?

Why is nature so mysterious? If it were not so ambigous, perhaps man would be more careful of their actions.

How are all the great demiGods/Prophets/Gurus/etc. from different religions related and connected in the greater cosmic scheme of things?

What was your motivation for the creation of world and man? How many other similar universes exist? Where does our earth-community stand as a civilization among all your other creations?

If there is only ONE you then why so much confusion as to how we get to you? Why are there some who say that their way is more superior than anothers?

... may keep going :)
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