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If Everything Happens According To Hukam, Then Why Do We Pray?


Aug 10, 2009
Thanks Harry Ji
I am sure there will be differences in opinion, simply because Hukam/free will etc are such an important and personal topic. They are personal because we have to account for our own action, and this is very personal. (Do you like my circular logic lol).

My observation is ego is thought. It is thought process. When the thought process ceases (if only for 1 minute) there is still action. The action in this time is not based on thought, at least not the calculating loud type of thought which we may 'hear' in our heads.

The thoughtless action is in fact hukham in my opinion, as during that time one does not act from ego (because ego is thought). Instead one acts from a more refined selfless state of awareness.

The mamukh is determined by his mind-ego. Here is a quote I have just this minute found (author's opinion I assume):

Hence, a Manmukh is a material being (egoistic or unenlightened person) as opposed to a Spiritual Being, who does not have natural inclination for Gurmat and Spirituality - he is the mind-willed. People with such materialistic outlook — referred to as Manmukhs in the Gurbani — assert that everlasting happiness is attainable only in acquisition of sense-objects, persuing passions, etc. In other words, a Manmukh is ruled by his conditioned and corrupt sense-blind mind instead of Soul Consciousness.

and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manmukh

a Manmukh is ruled by his conditioned by pleasure of his five senses and his mind. Simply stated, a Manmukh is an ego-centric person whose actions are controlled by the following urges and desires: lust, anger, greed, material attachment, self-conceit, envy and stubborn mindedness, with their numerous variations.

:) It is fun to talk about this. I hope Seeking Ji doesn't find it adds confusion. I wonder if I should be posting this in the other thread or I will be in for it :noticemunda: :angryyoungkaur:
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