India IAS Officer's Sorry To Akal Takht Irks Babus

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    CHANDIGARH: Senior Punjab IAS officer Krishan Kumar appearing at the Sikhs' highest temporal seat, the Akal Takht - reportedly to defuse tension caused by errors in a government text book for schools about the Sikh religion – has evinced strong reactions from the IAS community, even as opinions are divided over whether the rules governing the conduct of bureaucrats have any place for such a visit by the officer.

    Director-general of schools Krishan Kumar's silence - the officer is reportedly out of station for an official meeting - has not helped matters since there is no clarity on whether it was his own decision to visit the Akal Takht, or whether he was forced by his political bosses to appear before the religious authority.

    The visit has upset the IAS lobby in Punjab, which is blaming the political establishment for allegedly forcing the officer to make that visit. While Punjab chief secretary SC Aggarwal says the visit is "not against the principles of administration," babus feel that this has set a wrong precedent, particularly because "it appeared to be motivated by SGPC elections that are round the corner."

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