I Wish I Were Miserable

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    Misery is like pain, it is there for a reason, those that feel no pain, although it sounds fantastic, live in great jeopardy, they cannot feel pain, so they do not know if they are hurt, they do not know if they need medical help, there is no barrier to warn them they are pushing too hard, or damaging themselves, so it is not so fantastic at all,

    Misery is the mental equivalent of physical pain, misery forces you to address your mental state and do something about it, from being miserable that you are getting wet in rain and reaching for an umbrella, to being miserable that you are in a bad relationship and getting out, but what if you had left misery behind years ago, what if nothing made you miserable anymore, what if you woke up in the morning with a huge mountain to climb, and just got on and climbed in every morning, without question and with minimal fuss, and then did it all again the next day, and the next day, and so on, at what point would you question or try and do things differently, without misery, without love, without fear, and without being told what to do, I guess you would climb that mountain every day for eternity.

    Maya is everything, everywhere, we live for validation, one way or another, to be loved, to be liked, to be part of a society, to huddle in numbers, we create elaborate personalities that bear little resemblance to our true selves, we seek pleasure, happiness, through the one thing that can give it to us, maya.....

    Maybe misery is the feeling of being let down by maya, take maya out of the equation, and it turns into something else,

    what that is, I am not so sure.
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