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I Think I Could Hear My Computer Laughing At Me

My computer right now has a corruption that interferes with the local settings of several software programs that I use. I need to send it in for repair, but I have been reluctant to due so because I am loathe to be without it.

The other night, I was drove home from work in the snow in 30 degree (F) weather, which made for a long and icy commute.

I started my computer, and my little WeatherBug software program running on the task bar reminded me that at 8PM it was 30 degrees. I started to work on sone urgent matters, and while I did, the temperature started falling quickly. When I finished the material, the temperature had fallen to 20 degrees.

I took care of other things, did Simran, played with the cat and...dozed off. I went in to shut down the computer - when I noticed that the taskbar said it was 5 degrees below zero!

5 below!! We just went through an unusually ugly cold snap like that a few weeks ago! I wasn't expecting it to return? 5 below zero means when I arrive home, the inside of my nose freezes just during the walk from the car to the door.

I shuddered at the idea of greeting that kind of cold in the moring, and pondered over what to wear to work. Then, I realized that somethng was odd...I wasn't feeling the bitter drafts that only show up in subzero weather. With suspicion, I turned back to my computer.

The thermometer settings had switched over, by themselves, to Metric.

It was -5 degrees C, not -5 degrees F. -5 C means it was still 20 degrees F. Cold, yes, but not ugly.

I swear I heard laughter coming from the machine....
nuthing happens in the box automatically. Something causes it. If you dont know what has caused it, blame it on Mr. Gates.
Naturally, nothing happens automatically, ergo, the local settings corruption. It's a bit of a pain - so is being without any computing power at all :down:

But, I will spare Mr. Gates. This time.

This problem lies squarely with Mr. Dell. :D :D :D

A "kiddie", no, not a kiddie. Not yet, anyway.

A "kitty" though...hmm... that is possible.
wonder if that kitty cat was after the Mouse again?? :rofl!!:
Amerikaur said:
I wonder if that kitty cat was after the Mouse again?? :rofl!!:
That s a very calculated guess. just in case, you need some investigative services, feel free to get more details... lol :rofl!!:
LOL!! Thanks so much for your offer! Unfortunately, I know exactly what is causing it. Its an XP profile corruption that was caused by some (ahem) physical damage to the laptop. As a result, my local settings for a few profile-specific apps on two specific user profiles have gotten a bit...interesting, shall I say? :rofl!!:

Hopefully by next week I'll either be at a point in my work where I won't have to be on the darn thing day and night and can mail it in...or...I'll at least be at a point where I can finagle someone else's laptop. :up: