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I.M. Beck - Quote Unquote (Times Of Malta)


Sat Sri Akal jee
I clicked the link to contribute a slogan and i was directed to this page.
Anyways I will reveal my slogan and just depart.
I think the slogan, you can call it a cliche, but if I did a google and got this slogan I would definitely click...
"Anything and everything you wanted to discuss about Sikhism, But was afraid to"


sskohli ji, can you please tell me, where you clicked the link that rediredted you to this page? Thanks for the feedback.

I definitely also liked your slogan. :) Thanks.
Dear SPN Community,

Wish u all blessing of Guru Sahib. As Guru Sahib is always with us so no body on this earth can do any harm to us.

Balbir Singh.