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  1. Amardeep Singh 1000

    How Do People Quote From Sggs And Bani Online?

    When people quote from SGGS and Bani in the original Gurmuhki, transliteration and English translation in these or other forums, how do they do it? Is there some kind of engine that they are using that they are cutting and pasting from? And too, how do they know which page the quote is on? Is...
  2. K

    A Question About This Quote

    on a hindu website i found this quote Tin te sun Siri Tegh Bahadur Dharam nibaahan bikhe Bahadur Uttar bhaniyo, dharam hum Hindu Atipriya ko kin karen nikandu Lok parlok ubhaya sukhani Aan napahant yahi samani Mat mileen murakh mat loi Ise tayage pramar soi Hindu dharam rakhe jag mahin...
  3. S

    I.M. Beck - Quote Unquote (Times Of Malta)

    I don't care if my neighbour is black. I don't care if he is Jewish. I don't care if he is a Muslim. I don't care if he is from Libya, Somalia, Qrendi, Nadur, Moscow or London. I don't care if he is Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu or Catholic...
  4. Singhstah

    Wikid Quote

    This was on the top of the homepage: "If an issue can be resolved, then there is no need to worry about it. If the issue cannot be resolved, then there is no meaning worrying about it." -BUDDHIST SAYING I think we should all take this into account before we post :roll: